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How Server Speed Is Important In Increasing Revenue?



If your website takes time in downloading, it means you are killing your revenue with your own hands. In online marketing web content and the fast-loading speed of a website helps to compete with your competitors. According to the latest surveys, the loading speed of websites has a great impact on website traffic, the slow website could easily frustrate your potential customers your website.

Revenue Depends On Server Speed

A slow website will cause poor sales. A number of studies prove average visitors will leave your website if it does not become accessible within 3 to 5 seconds. A slower website is not only a reason to decrease your sales but frustrated visitors are likely to develop a negative perception of your business.

Does Website Speed  Increase Your Business revenue?

There is no doubt, google records the web page speed to determine the ranking of the website along with other organic ranking factors. You can check the speed of your website pages by Google webmaster tools. According to the latest calculated formula, you can improve the 2% of conversion rate by simply speeding up your website.  Amazon, Yahoo, and Mozilla experienced a great boost in business by speeding up the loading speed of their web pages from less than 3 seconds. Here we have two examples of websites that increase their revenue by increasing their website speed;

  • Yahoo got a 9% increase in the traffic
  • Mozilla got 60 million more downloads by improving its web page speed to 2.2 seconds faster

How Much Speed Is Enough For A Web Page?

The ideal loading time for any website is between 3 seconds to 5 seconds. If your website visible within 5 seconds it seems to be good. If your website exceeds 10 seconds you are losing the ranking and conversion. The slower your website is the fewer sales you will experience in your site hosting.

Choose A Fast Dedicated Server To Experience Faster Website Speed

The speed of a website mainly depends on your web pages, databases, and the speed of your hosting servers. Selecting the right web hosting will help you to increase your website ranking and dedicated hosting are two major types of hosting services available online. Shared service has a low price with low hosting resources. It is ideal for small websites that have low traffic. Dedicated hosting is an expensive option with more hosting power and performance.

Dedicated server hosting is highly suitable for businesses, due to its speed and power. Most online businesses reap the benefit of dedicated hosting. Server speed maybe you will be experienced in cheapest shared or VPS hosting service. In shared hosting hundreds of websites or associated with a single server. Shared hosting cannot offer you true speed and reliability because its resources are shared by many website hosts on the same computer. If you have a business website or a professional service website, a fast dedicated hosting plan can make a difference in the Google search engine.

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