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What Is Linux Web Hosting?


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 Linux Hosting

 The Linux operating system available as a web server to deploy a wide range of applications. Linux’s open-source software is the middle man between your computer’s application and system software and the hardware that provides powers to these programs.

Ultimately, the platform you choose will be based on the language you use for your website. If you are using MySQL or PHP, then Linux hosting plan should be a favorite for it. Therefore, if you have a WordPress site then Linux will meet your needs much better than others. However, those people who run a static site that uses HTML, have an option for both Linux or Windows as per their budget.

As you explore Linux hosting as your best provider, here are some questions to keep in mind while opting for the Linux operating system:

•             Are you satisfied with uptimes and load times?

•             Does it offer 1-click script installation?

•             What security precautions does your hosting company will offer?

•             It will provide free backups and SSL certificates or not?

Why Do You Need Linux Hosting?

Linux hosting is one of the most popular types of web operating systems available at a reasonable price. Despite its availability, Linux still an open-source, cost-effective web operating system,  that will give enough control over your website’s back-end.

Similarly, its open-source nature means, it has a vast capacity of applications that most developers need to build websites. Linux hosting is well known for its wide range of operating features such as; flexibility, PHP versions, databasing options, and a wide variety of Plesk and cPanel.

Features to Consider for Linux Hosting

People who are running their e-commerce site or another kind of online business will prefer to opt for Linux because it empowers blogging platforms and e-commerce tools. When you are searching for a Linux host, you must consider that your web provider will allow you for one-click installations or not. The one-click app allows you to install multiple apps within a short time period.

Here are some main features of the Linux operating system, that you should be considering while opting for services of hosting from any web hosting company. These features are;

•             High-quality hardware

•             cPanel and Plesk

•             Software programming scripts, and Apache with Linux

•             99.9%Uptime

•             24/7/365 support


Before you sign up for the cheapest Linux hosting plan you check the bandwidth and disk space at first. It will help you to handle your average website traffic. If you are a more experienced and skilled website owner, then you should pay attention to what version of PHP is supported, as well as the MySQL database and any limitations it might have. If you are interested in these features then you can pick your Linux operating system for your website.


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