SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate is more than just a little padlock icon in the browser bar.

It creates an encrypted link between your web server and your visitor’s computer. Every ecommerce site needs to have this level of security as a minimum.

If you want to host your own Facebook apps, you will also need one of these. In fact, it is a good idea for any website to have one, as it provides trust and security for your users.

SSL packages

Would you give your data to a site that did not have security?

Positive SSL (1 Year)


  • 1 domain
  • Domain Validation
  • Basic HTTPS
  • Comodo SSL
  • Low assurance.

Positive Wild Card SSL (1 Year)


  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Domain Validation
  • Basic HTTPS
  • Comodo SSL
  • Low assurance.

                                What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It helps you to secure your internet connection and protect any data that are transferred between a browser and a web server. By encrypting and securing any data that passes through this connection you help to secure the chances of hacking

SSL connection needs two major systems in order to be active, a server and a website browser or server to server connection. With this connection, any data that you will transfer between the two will be impossible to read and understand. Basically, encryption algorithms will scramble transferable data when it is sent over to the next connection, so if the information is compromised it’ll be impossible to decipher.

How Does SSL Certificate Work?

SSL work between a visitor's web browser and your site. It’s a standard mechanism that ensures the encryption of data being passed backward and forwards so that no unauthorized person can hack certain information.

It also prevents cybercriminals to change site visitor traffic to their own site by using their own specific encryption. All major web browsers have SSL capability. The whole process to enable an SSL certificate on your site is very simple.

First, install an SSL certificate on your server. And web browser will connect to your server, see the SSL certificate and initiate the SS connection. This will encrypt information that is passed between a browser and your server safely without any fallow.

Cheap Price SSL Certificates Pakistan

Due to less internet security knowledge, only a few people know about what is SSL. Even most of them cannot even able to differentiate different usage of these certificates as well. That is why despite making things more complicated for a common user, we only highlighting the most common features of SSL certificates which are enough to fulfill your web requirements. So, don’t wait anymore because the more you will wait more you will lose your expected customer.

What Do SSL Certificates Do?

SSL certificate provides certain information about visitors how many they share on your site. It creates a secure link between your website and server. It adds a protected layer to accomplishes two goals;

Enabling Encryption

It can be quite dangerous to share your personal and financial information online. Some people prefer to use eCommerce sites like Amazon just because they feel much safer and protected as compared to other websites.

With an SSL certificate, sensitive data will remain encrypted and secure, thus providing your customers with a sense of relief and security as well. higher-level SSL certificates will have higher levels of encryption, but the standard SSL certificate should be enough for common websites.

Verification of Identity of the Site Owner

The SSL credential identifies the owner of the website and creates trust. Before the certificate, you can identify the website owner and do his verification through multiple methods.

Is SSL Certificate being Necessary Now?

As per Google's latest requirements, google is marking all web pages as insecure, those that do not have SSL Certificates. It’s too important and necessary to show the world and your clients about the authenticity of your website. SSL certificate helps to rank higher in Google search engines. You can keep your website safe when someone will browse your website through any recognized web browser along with a green lock.

Now browser showed alerts for not having HTTPS URLs, but now approximately all browsers and search engines elaborate a website as harmful if there will be not SSL and HTTPS redirection on it. We know being a website host you are a little bit worried about this red alert for you as well as your users and subscribers and creating issues in building client’s trust in your online business. That is why we are offering the fastest and cheapest way to install a certificate on your eCommerce portal and website.

Pakchamp SSL Certificate in Pakistan

Pakchamp is one of the well-known and trusted web hosting company in all over Pakistan. It is providing its prestigious services in the field of web hosting since 2016. We have served 1000s of corporate and government organizations with our quality services and standardize hosting solutions.

You can purchase an SSL certificate from our hosting company to make your website more secure and also to protect the site-sensitive data of your website visitors from hackers. SSL certificate for your website can help you to achieve higher rankings on Google’s Search Engine Result Pages, and build your customers a high level of trust.

Pakchamp is one of the few hosting providers in Pakistan that provide SSL certificates at low rates.  For further quarries, you can call on our official number and visit our company website to get your required hosting services at a cheap rate.

                               Free SSL Certificate

SSL stands for secure sockets layer. SSL is a web technology that enables a web browser and web server to transmit and receive data security’s Certificate is a digital certificate, that confirms the authenticity of the website for both visitors, browsers, and servers as well. SSL Certificate is a small digital file that identifies the address of your company, organization, and websites.

The significance of the SSL Certificate is an additional level of security between a website that users share with certain websites. It will create a secure and confidential link between website host and customer One of the main reasons for a big organization-to use an SSL certificate is its sense of protection of data security on behalf of users. That is sent between the computer and the server. This information will be shared in the form of a credit card, card number, and password, and other personal information is not encrypted this leaves, it also visible or easy for the hackers to steal the information’s SSL certificate makes your information unreadable for the unauthorized person and makes it safe to steal your personal and financial information for you being a user.

How does SSL Certificate work?

SSL Certificate is a visitor web browser in your website and organization. Basically, it’s a technical industrial machine that gives security to its user to the encryption of data is passed backward and forward so there is no unauthorized person who can hack your personal and financial information. It also helps cyber criminals to stay away from visitors on site. All major leading browsers have SSL capability in their sites. It’s a simple and easy process to enable your organization and site by SSL Certificate. First, being a web host, you will install an SSL Certificate on your web server. After the installation of the SSL Certificate, your web browser will be connected to your server.

SSL certificate enabling encryption

SSL certificate, give confidence to its user that their personal details will not be disclosed. Because it's too scary for daily users to share their personal and financial information on online platforms. SSL Certificate gives confidence that the website and organization are registered and certified. Nowadays a lot of people also prefer to attain online shopping services, so, they go to online shopping malls and websites like Amazon because they feel safer than compared to physicals hoping from markets. SSL certificate will remain secure in the sense of sharing sensitive data, thus providing financial and personal data to SSL Certified websites or companies customers are remain feeling safe or feeling relief from the physical fatigue of shopping. Most large websites and organizations attain the ability of a higher level of SSL Certificate because it will have a higher level of encryption, but the stander SSL Certificate should be quite enough for most websites or organizations.

Organizational validity certificate

Organizational verification is quite tough as compared to the domain and extended validity certificate. but organizational validity certificate as its own authenticity and reliability in business and web hosting. it is too expensive as compared to other web validity certificates. But it’s a perfect choice for this organization they have heavy traffic on their organization and sites because they want to show 1005 validity and security of their customers about the security of the information regarding personal and financial level.

Domain Validity certificate

With the domain validity of SSL certification, you have legal certification and prove that you are the owner of the domain. The person who has a certificate of SSL, his name is also tied with the website. Some web hosting plans giving freely basic domain of SSL certification, but it is only for simple websites. But this website they are having a large audience and e-commerce store, they need to attain a high level of SSL certification. Because they are dealing with sensitive, personal, and financial information.

How SSL certificate will highly impact your visitors?

The installation of SSL Certification has advantages on behalf of the host as well. SSL certification will grow the amount of trust of the site audience or users. When visitors land on your websites, at very first, they just observe the level of trust of the customers on the site host and on the organization as well. There are certain steps, being a use if you will follow, then you will 100% increase your traffic on your websites. First, you install the SSL Certificate, after installation on your server, your visitors easily observe SSL Certificate on the server, then they have an authenticity that they are planning on a valid site.

Extended Validity certificate

An extended validation certificate is a high-level SSL certificate to obtain such a high level of certificate you need to verify your business and your domain name as well. There are some other additional procedures of verification of a website host that have to be completed to attain an exceptional validity certificate. But obtaining an Extended validity SSL certificate shows the worth of your customer and privacy and protection as well. When you are visiting such websites that are certified from SSL certificate their URL bar is entirely green, these green signs also show the worth of your organization and the level of trust of your customer in you. Organization validity certificate to obtain an organizational validity certificate, you need to verify your domain and your organization or site with the certificate from the authority.

Credential  identification of the site owner

The SSL Certificate helps users to take credential identifications of the website, and it will create an additional layer of trust between hosts and customers. By adding an SSL certificate customers have security that, with whom they are doing business. Before SSL Certification there are along and tough procedures to verify the website. By using digital communication, it's too difficult to determine the person who is on the other side of the connection. But SSL Certification gives you the security and authenticity that you are investing your money in a reliable business.

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