Business Hosting in Pakistan

Business Hosting in Pakistan Plans To Meet Every Need

Services Included With All Plans

Daily Backups

Pak Champ Soft offers daily backups to prevent your data loss with paid services.

Whatsapp and Calling Support

Pak Champ Soft offering 09: 00 am to 12:00 am free whatsapp and calling support.

Website Monitoring

Use your monitoring system to monitor your website and/or 3rd party sites

Free Website Transfer

Our Support will transfer your files and databases absolutely free of charge

1 Click App Installation

We offer 1-click application installation so that you can easily build your website in few clicks.

Daily Malware Scans

With daily website malware scanning, keep the website clear of viruses

Technical Specifications

Hosting Features

Easy to Use Control Panel
Unmetered Bandwidth
Unlimited Sub Domains
FTP and Email Accounts
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
5 Day Money Back Guarantee


Ticket System (Email)
Whatsapp Support Portal

Cloud Control

Enterprise Manager
Cloud Control
Oracle ACE (Details)
Database Management
EM Command Line Interface
ADDM Active Reports

Programming & Databases

MySQL Databases
CGI, Fast CGI (Details)
PHP 7, Perl, Python
Modules: Curl, CPAN, GD Library
SSH Access
Cron Job Scheduling

Control Panel

Latest cPanel Control Panel
AWStats, Webalizer
Instant Shopping Carts
Blogs, Portals, Forums
Password Protected
Web Based File Manager


Administration Access over SSL
Web Application Firewall (WAF) Protection
On Demand Virus and Malware Scanning
Enforced Password Strength Requirements
Brute Force Protection
Free Shared SSL Certificate

                          Business Hosting in Pakistan

Business hosting is a web hosting package on a server that’s shared between other users who has buy hosting domain and packages. These packages provide an affordable quality solution for individuals or investors those they want to display their online presence. The business hosting plan can help you to take the start of your company up for future success.

In business hosting, you are sharing your server’s resources like; CPU, RAM, Disk Space, etc with other site hosts. That’s why the cost of business hosting is lower than that of a Cloud Server or Dedicated Server.

What is Business Hosting

Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs don’t have too many resources of their enterprise-level rivals so, they are always in search to find a creative way to find their salutations.

Before selecting your web host, you should make sure your hosting provider meets the standards for the best web hosting for a small Corporate and business. Ask yourself these questions before you select your web host;

Which type of business tools are included in their offer?

  • How many domains they offer in I set up?
  • Do I require a dedicated or shared hosting server?
  • What are their maximum bandwidth and traffic capacity?
  • Can they scale with your company?

Why Do You Need Small Business Hosting?

As a small business, it’s difficult to display your product and brand, but having a reasonable amount of budget and the right choice of hosting packages make it easy for new site hosts. But many large hosting companies are facing the same problem by offering “basic” plans that are too expensive and not meet market standers as well.

                    What are the Benefits Pak Champ Business Hosting offers?

Pak Champ, keep your costs down:

Pak Champ Soft PVT. LTD gives you exactly what you need. We are focused on helping you to get started while giving you access to the bases of affordable rates. Even you may get some of the web offers like free domain on the yearly package, that can at least get you up and running.

Pak Champ gives you hosting options:

Unlike Pakchamp Soft PVT. LTD other specialized hosting services, we are providing the best web hosting services for small businesses with multiply choices. Mostly our services include in; shared hosting, cloud servers, and even VPS or another dedicated hosting as well.

Pakchamp provides full support with established CMS:

Instead of forcing you into a single CMS, hosting services for small websites Pak Champ Soft PVT. LTD offers you to select of which hosting server best for your website’s needs.

Here are some basic, but most important information about Business Servers:

  • Each Business Server houses most of 50 accounts
  • All Business Servers share the same system
  • Business hosting offers an optimized Lite speed Web Server

Pakchamp business hosting plans

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases/Users
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Subdomains

Corporate Web Hosting

Pak Champ Understand that as a corporate web host, your business demands are on a higher level to secured your hosting service to maintain your official data. We understand website data requires regular backup. That is why Pak Champ has developed Corporate Hosting Plans which is designed to meet the needs of corporate web hosting client’s solutions.

Pak Champ Soft PVT. LTD web hosting company considers Pakistan's best corporate web hosting company. We will create daily backups and resources than shared hosting. Our hosting packages are different in pricing and services for corporate sectors. Pak Champ offers you a more secure, reliable, and flexible price in the segment of corporate web hosting. For more details, you will visit our website.

Pak Champ Cares for their Clients

Pak Champ web hosting company in Pakistan care about their client's security. We are offering our corporate clients some specific corporate secure web hosting packages from those packages we will secure you from Malware, Viruses, Phishing Protection, and 24×7 Pro Support. We know that it's too frustrating when you are running a successful business but your website stops working because of a virus.

We make daily backups and resources of your website data. You get a cPanel management system which is a control panel that enables you to manage all technical specifications of your website, which include email, files, backups, FTP, CGI scripts, website statistics, and many more. Pak Champ provides you with unlimited Subdomains and unlimited FTP Accounts, more resources than shared hosting.  We provide our customers with the option to migrated to their domains.

Business Hosting in Pakistan

If you have a business then, you need a website to show your presence to showcase your product in the online market. In the new terms of marketing and business without a website, we can’t even able to establish ourselves in the market. We live in a digitally connected world where people discover new products, services, and businesses by researching them on the internet. It’s not an easy task to make your presence on online business, for an entrepreneur it's necessary to showcase his or herself on the internet by making a professional website. But setting up a professional website does not have easy to manage the task, because it will be required you a proper tool to manage your online presence.

There are a number of hosting systems, but for showcasing your product you have to make a business website. To run a business website, it's necessary for the entrepreneur to take the services of a business hosting company. If anyone has a website detailing the company location and settlement, operating hours, and other important details no matter how small, and large business setups they have, they easily grow their business in a limited time period by availing the services of a business hosting companies.

Regular update of maintenance

In the world of hosting timely operation of software and its maintenance is highly important. Because those companies do not bother regular maintenance and software operation. They are considered incompetent and unprofessional. An unmaintained website has a continuous security threat, so being a website owner makes sure to provide the latest version of the software.

Web Hosting Services Can Be Deal with Maker & Breaker

In the online business, customer support services in the web hosting companies will be dealt with in terms of makers and breakers. A good web hosting provider always offers heroic customer support which is available 24/7 to facilitate a high level of online purchasing standers.

Upgrade Scalability and Resources

All web hosting companies are offering to upgrade your resources or plans. So, to avoid any type of hosting disaster being an owner you need to choose a versatile web hosting company that offers multiple hosting packages on one, same agenda. In upgrading plans there are different hosting packages like, shared, reseller, dedicated, and VPS hosting, etc. you can switch towards another hosting plan without bearing anyone interference.

Main features of business websites

When you are going to select a business hosting company for your website, it, much better you have details on which type of features your website needs in the future. For example, Firstly, you have to need a web host VPS (virtual private server), advanced cloud server platform, high-end WordPress options, customer service building, and 24/7 customer and technical support, etc. Being an entrepreneur, which hosting system is favorable, or which one does not, totally depends upon your niche or type of website. But in common, you have to need such as web hosting services that handle your web page view or handle high traffic of your visitors on your web page.

How much cast need business hosting?

A website is necessary for every business. Being an owner, you need a website whether you are running a small business or a large-scale business. Now a day’s consumer is searching phone books to find businesses, consumers are using search engines like google to find the businesses. If being an entrepreneur you don’t have a website then your consumer can’t able to find you. The website is just an online digital tool, that helps you to increase the possibility of business adventures and profit to reach the actual destiny.

VPS hosting in Pakistan

VPS hosting companies consider one of the most reliable sources in the sense of security and ultra-reliable function and uptime excess as on the server. VPS hosting providers come in market competition with high-quality web hosting features like high flexibility and full hold on the website management at very cheap prices. Their top-quality window VPS hosting services come with flexible server configurations. Moreover, they are too advanced in functioning powerful hardware with weekly backup packages. These companies help their consumers to enjoy premium online performances. It’s really important being a web host to have proper facilitation of server management panel C panel and contact panel.

Web hosting companies in Pakistan

Web hosting companies in Pakistan provide their services with good management of servers. They have expert technical staff, who can manage any type of server defect within a short time period. Web hosting is essential for the owner to have proper space for the data storage, files such as documents, the best web hosting companies offer the best availability of rates at reasonable prices. They frequently claim the best possible solution. Web hosting server’s main duty to provide customer main services of data that the owner wants to showcase on the website. The best web hosting companies offer the availability of rates at reasonable prices. They frequently claim uptime, and technical support, if they are 100% fulfill their promises then they will help you to take off your website in a short spam.

Web hosting in Lahore

Choosing the best web hosting for your business can help you to promote your online business. Being an entrepreneur, your entire business relies upon web hosting. If you chose the right type of hosting service for your website, it will help you to manage your website technically and professionally. Being a website owner, you need to take acuity of solid security, fast web speed, constant monitoring, controlled conditions, and adaptable data transmission. If you find all these features in one web hosting type then such type of web hosting helps you to flourish your business on a high rank.

Every type of website needs reliable hosting services or solutions to keep its web presence and users. Pakistani companies come in a ground of web hosting with a managed server, easy to use the software, and modern step which will meet international standers. Pakistani web hosting companies offer multiply hosting plans with affordable attractive packages for their consumers to satisfy their business quarries and provide 100% reliable services.

                                     Corporate Web Hosting in Pakistan

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations, companies, and individuals to post their web pages on the internet. web hosting business is an advance technical service to rank or introduce business in the market. Web hosting businesses provide all such technical sport and advancement plans to investors that are essential to rank their websites and web page to be viewed on the internet. These websites are hosted or stored on a special powerful computer system that is called a server.

Which type of web hosting business need?

There are several web hosting plans and services are available nowadays i-e; free web hosting, shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting server, and the list goes on. all these options are served on the same scale, to be view all content regarding business plans on the web page or internet. The basic difference between all these web hosting plans are their services and offers that they are offering to their customers or investors for their business plans.

Now the question is arising that how does an entrepreneur get an idea of which hosting plane is beneficial for his business? As an investor, you have to be sure that your selected web hosting company fully sport your company or business or not, it does not create unnecessary hurdles for your business plans. At first, you have to understand the needs of your business and hosting types and choose the best suitable web hosting plan for your business.

Business Hosting in Pakistan

Pakistan leading corporate hosting companies understand their client's demands related to packages or offers. Pakistani companies are providing high-level services in the field of corporate hosting. because they knew that client priority is to secure their company data or backup service of data on daily basis. That’s why they are designing special hosting plans to meet their client's demands or requirements. Corporate hosting is powered with SSD proceed storage with at least 7 days of data backup guarantee and restoration tools as well. Mostly corporate servers are powered with cloud Linux, a light-speed web server with cloud flare technology attach to your corporate hosting account.

Corporate Hosting in Pakistan

Your Corporate Web Hosting website is a face reflection of your company or business. Corporate hosting companies understand, what are your main demands as a corporate hosting client. As a corporate client always demands high-level security service for the maintenance of their official data and recovery of data regularly. The basic features of Corporate Hosting websites to focus to maintain the performance, data security of your web hosting services with a dedicated resource.

.PK Domains

In Pakistan, PK Domain is a top-rated domain. Its industry has developed significantly in the segment of software houses, developers, designers, and business, they are all playing an important role to portray a positive face in the world of business. In case of your business growth, PK Domain can provide you hassle-free services of registration. If you are a Pakistani and you are a local businessman, then you have to come to register your business in PK. Domain and make it a brand.  PK Domain is providing fast hosting services to its customers.  As a client, you have options to choose c panel-based or window-based hosting services as per your business needs. Due to a lot of manual charges in other hosting companies, people migrate towards PK. Domain hosting website. it provides free website hosting migration to its clients. So, if you are fed-up with other web hosting programs then come to PK. Domain to enjoy its low combination web hosting charges with high proficiency in performance.

.PK Domain shows your connections to Pakistani culture and providing the best internet service experience in the world of business. Protecting your business is too much important as growing it. PK Domain helps you to highlight or rank your growth rate in the sea of online business.

Buy.PK Domains

Are wondering for a web domain extension will be suitable for your local business? Then PK. The domain will be your best choice as a local investor.  Being country-specific means PK. The domain offers great searching benefits and ranking to its local customers or clients. PK. Domain web services, you can target and market your business to a local audience. Country-specific domains are the domain extensions that have country name initials at the end as PK refers to Pakistan. As an investor, you need to know about your targeted audience. this process of researching and finding the right targeted audience is time-consuming and can be quite frosting at the same time. But Country sacrifice TLD can be a helpful searching weapon in your marketing segments. By using your country code TLD it will be too easy or convenient for you to display your business on a large scale. PK. The domain gives you an edge to identify the right audience. for example, you are an Asian food producer, and you want to display your product, in this case, your expected ideal audience is the Pakistani and Asian people, residing in the Asian country or Pakistan, they are looking for Asian food. This way, your business that wants more audience can be beneficial for you from PK.COM. As it gives batter range toward your targeted audience.

.PK Domain increase business credibility

PK Domain having specific country domain extension, it can help to create reasonable belonging related to business. A. PK.COM. & PK Domain will create a deeper sense of affiliation to an intensive .com or any other domain extinctions. PK Domain gives an advantage to its clients that local customer has trust local brands because they are easily trackable and accessible which will increase investors' profit rate. As compared to the PK. Domain, if you are using or purchasing from an international vendor, it will be costly and the locale customer is unfamiliar from then, which creates a loss for the investor. Because people who belong to the same region have developed trust or access easily to the brand.

Hosting a business plan is quite favorable not only for large businesses but also for small business investors. Because web hosting plans and packages are truly favorable for small investors. it helps its client to move towards their dream destination. It encourages new investors   to invest in the business and to excel their rank in the business community

Pak Champ Soft PVT. LTD.
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