SSD Boosted VPS Hosting in Lahore


Are you looking for your VPS hosting in Pakistan? You are at right place! Our VPS Hosting solutions are based on the powerful KVM virtualization platform or OpenVZ. OpenVZ creates multiple isolated VPS Machines on a single physical server which allows sharing of hardware to different others, also license fees and server management efficiently. Each VPS performs exactly like a stand-alone VPS Server and can be rebooted independently anytime without any issue. Get the infallible, control, and flexibility of a dedicated server with Pakchamp. Pakchamp providing VPS Hosting in Pakistan or International countries and it is an ideal choice for business owners & webmasters if they want complete control over their web hosting structured environment along with the flexibility and freedom of dedicated servers in Pakistan but at a low cost. VPS Hosting services offers full root or SSH with shell access along with the ability to host unlimited domains over the license, install custom software/applications, or resell hosting in Pakistan or all over the World. All VPS Servers in Pakistan also comes with PHP, Perl, Apache, and MySQL pre-installed. You can choose either cPanel/WHM or Plesk Panel control for ease of your use and management of your Virtual Private Servers hosting. Pakchamp offering best or Cheap VPS hosting plans in the Pakistan market with unlimited bandwidths and also providing in international countries also.


HDD-VPS-01 02 CORES 4 GB 300 GB HDD UNLIMITED EU Rs.1,499 /monthly Buy Now
HDD-VPS-02 04 CORES 10 GB 700 GB HDD UNLIMITED EU Rs.3,199 /monthly Buy Now
HDD-VPS-03 06 CORES 20 GB 1400 GB HDD UNLIMITED EU Rs.5,199 /monthly Buy Now



30% OFF

04 CORES 8 GB 200 GB SSD UNLIMITED EU / US / ASIA 2599 /monthly 1999/Monthly Buy Now

30% OFF

06 CORES 16GB 400 GB SSD UNLIMITED EU / US / ASIA 4679 /monthly 3599/Monthly Buy Now

30% OFF

08 CORES 30 GB 800 GB SSD UNLIMITED EU / US / ASIA 7799/monthly 5999/Monthly Buy Now

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10 CORES 60 GB 1600 GB SSD UNLIMITED EU / US / ASIA 12,999 /monthly 9999/Monthly Buy Now



cPanel/WHM 5 PKR 2,499 PER MONTH
Plesk Obsidian Web Host Edition PKR 2,699 PER MONTH
Plesk Obsidian Web Pro Edition PKR 1,899 PER MONTH
Plesk Obsidian Web Admin Edition PKR 1,199 PER MONTH
VMware ESXi (5.0) Provide us license key and we can setup virtualization for you based upon VMware
PROXMOX VE LICENSE $25 PER CPU & PER MONTH (Setup cost will be separate)
SolusVM $10 PER CPU & PER MONTH (Setup cost will be separate)


Whatever you thinking and want to have if that is a dedicated server. Discuss with us and allow us to set up a solution for you. We can also set up an email solution for you even if you have diverse requirements of your dedicated server, we can design an HA solution if your application is resource-intensive or you need any extra requirements, we can design storage solutions if you may have any requirement for your dedicated servers. These are the reasons we claim 100% that we are the best providers of a dedicated server in Pakistan or International countries.


Our dedicated server's infrastructure is able to prevent DDoS attack at two levels. Firstly, it will block at the hardware level, and at the 2nd layer our all scripts will play the best role to avoid or remove that attacks. All this procedure is fully automated and with a proactive approach.


Our Data Centers are fully inessential at each level for including all but not limited to network, power, and security systems that provide the highest or best level of availability for the network 24/7 or 365 days a year. Therefore, we claiming 100% of uptime guarantee in our all dedicated serves in Pakistan.


We are 05 Years old & fully registered Web Hosting Company or dedicated servers provider in Pakistan, Thailand, UAE, or the UK & Dedicated Servers Provider in Pakistan. We can deliver you the best as we have much experience in Web Hosting and have experienced staff who is 24/7 available for your help or support, we already permanently fixed or setup our dedicated servers for the routine issues. It’s time to enjoy it now!



World’s Largest Control Panel (cPanel) announced Pakchamp as their official partner. We are the only 3rd company announced as an official partner of cPanel in Pakistan and there’re very few in Asia. cPanel listed us at their website as a partner


700+ of Government & Corporate Organizations feel comfortable while working with Pakchamp. Some of them are CMH, Agha Khan, DHA Islamabad, PSSH, Guest Corporation and they are happy to use our Dedicated Servers in Pakistan.


Our IT staff or engineers have written thousands of bash scripts for system automation & improvements which are taking continuous actions timely by the updates. Spamming & hacking isn't easy or happening at our network due to this. All we did this only to provide a comfort zone to our valued corporate or Government clients or customers.

      Cheap SSD VPS Server Hosting in Pakistan

 If you want high security and reliability to boost your SSD VPS hosting plan, it is the best choice. It will help you improve your website's user experience and secure a higher ranking on Google's Search Engine. Nowadays, most web hosting companies will claim Cheap SSD VPS server hosting in Pakistan, with the fastest speed, better performance, and great load times. As compared to a simple VPS hosting plan, SSD VPS offers increasingly excellent hosting infrastructure to its users.

What is SSD Hosting?

SSD stands for Solid State Drives, and it is a new way of storing data instead of using Hard Disk Drives. SSD hosting plans store your data on solid-state drives. It is a latest advancement in terms of data storage technology. It will generate faster and more reliable hosting features in server performance that are not possible with traditional hard-disk drives (HDDs).

How Does SSD Storage Enhance the Performance of Your VPS Server?

Data storage in web hosting has a tremendous transformation over the last few years. Storage devices are divided into two types;

  • Hard Disk Drives (HDD)
  • Solid State Drives (SSD)

HDD has been one of the most preferred modes of data storage from the side of server hosting providers. However, website hosts are continuously looking to improve their website speed and performance via powerful Solid-State Drives. SSD storage improves your VPS Server's performance, so that's why every site host wants to get SSD VPS server hosting.

                                     SSD Storage Significant Benefits

 SSD storage offers significant benefits to website hosts, such as;


The speed of SSD is what sets it apart from HDD. It is one of the best parts of SSD VPS Hosting. In SSDs, there will be no moving parts of information, so as a result, information is retrieved instantly. Your website will load noticeably faster with SSD VPS storage. Site speed is an important factor for an entrepreneur because of the smooth hosting experience and Google search engine. Website speed is one of the most important factors for rating a website on the Google index.  Google will show faster websites before the slower ones on its index. So, SSDs will help your website in SEO as well.


HDDs have many moving parts, so that's why they will fail from time to time. However, due to physical damage, your website might be down, which's a great problem for website hosts. On the other hand, SSDs do not have moving parts, so as a result, they don't fail. SSDs have resistance power so that they will overcome physical damages much better than HDDs.


SSDs four times more expensive per GB of storage than others, but SSDs are going down in price over the past few years as the price of SSD goes lower day by day, mostly site hosts switch to SSD. Being an entrepreneur, you get better durability, performance, speed, and reliability in SSD, so it means in the long run, it will be more cost-effective choice for business organizations and large traffic website hosts.

Environment Friendly 

SSDs use significantly less energy than HDDs. It is environmentally friendly because it will cause to reduce our carbon footprint.

 No Data Fragmentation

HDD doesn't know where all its data will be stored. In HDD, data is fragmented and stored in different places, so when there's a need for it, HDD retrieved and used. While the technology works quite well, it does take a lot of time in all this process. There is data fragmentation in an SSD. When you need specific data, it is directly provided to you. There's no searching and assembling process in SSD. It is better in performance because data is retrieved and served up to the user quicker.

How Much  You Can Get Pakchamp SSD VPS Server Hosting?                                              

Now you can enjoy Pakchamp SSD VPS 1 Server Hosting in just 1,399 PKR. We offer cheap SSD VPS server hosting with incredible uptime, high security, and reliability that can exceed your expectations. You can also get fully managed server support from us; if you want our technical expert team to grow your business, we will fully facilitate you.

For cheap SSD VPS server hosting, Pakchamp considers one of the most reliable server options for all those site hosts they want to get high-performance, scalability, security, quick provisioning, as well as a free initial server setup. We are providing SSD-based premium VPS hosting service at the most competitive price all over Pakistan. You can upgrade or downgrade the Linux VPS hosting resources, applications and run any program you want to do.

Why You Choose Pakchamp SSD VPS Server Hosting Solution?

Pakchamp SSD VPS server hosting solution is best due to its promising hosting features, such as; easy-to-use CMS, high-performance, scalability, security, and free initial server setup. We are also considered a top-rated web hosting company in Lahore Pakistan, which serves its reliable web hosting services since 2016. Pakchamp is 3rd official partner in the world's largest cPanel infrastructure, so that is why we are considering one of the leading hosting providers with high-quality web hosting solutions in Pakistan.


Hosting providers follow the trend towards SSD adoption due to its performance, reliability, and durability. Pakchamp web hosting provider, offers SSD VPS Hosting services in Pakistan because it is great in demand nowadays. Although SSD VPS Server hosting is slightly expensive, it will help to get more from it, irrespective of whether you are running a small website or managing a high-traffic website that generates a lot of business. 

                   SSD VPS Hosting in Pakistan

If you’re looking to upgrade your current hosting solution and want to move more powerful option, then a solid state drive virtual private server would be the right choice for you. It sounds complicated but does not worry it is not as complicated as it sounds. It can help to make your website faster, safer, and smarter.

Virtual Private Server Hosting is one of the most suitable hosting options for small and medium-size online businesses. It is a combination of Shared and Dedicated Hosting, it is offering its users the best of both worlds. VPS hosting is for those who require high computing power, storage, and bandwidth on a limited budget.  If you are seeking SSD VPS hosting it means you recognize the value in solid-state drives for maximum performance.  SSD VPS hosting is best in performance for Windows, Linux, cloud hosting.

What is a Solid-State Drive (SSDs)?

SSD hosting plans run on servers that store your data on a solid-state drive. It is used to integrate circuit assemblies to store your data. SSDs is one of the most reliable advance technology in data storage. You can get fast and convenient hosting results on your website than traditional hard-disk drives (HDDs).

What is SSD VPS Hosting?

SSD VPS Hosting is a ‘Solid State Drive VPS Hosting Plan’. In which VPS Hosting service provider uses an SSD disk instead of the traditional Hard Disk Drive on their physical servers. The reason behind the preference of SSD over HDD is that it consumes less power and delivers faster performance and speed.

Why SSD VPS Hosting Suitable for Small Businesses?

SSD storage helps when there is more website traffic and speeds up the loading process, which could create a good impact on your website search engine optimization. It is an affordable hosting, which consumes up to 80 % less energy than HDD per Gigabyte which will help to control expenses. so, it will be considered a pocket-friendly option for small businesses. In SSD VPS Hosting you will enjoy better security and stability as compared to the other hosting types.

This type of hosting is much faster in terms of raw speed for day-to-day operations.

When SSDs Essential for Your Websites?

SSD hosting is almost essential for different sites that are;

1.         Get a lot of traffic

2.         Are dynamic in nature

3.         Rely heavily on database returns

4.         Serve up large files

5.         Are e-commerce-oriented.

 How SSDs Help to Increase Productivity in Your Businesses?

If you want maximum performance within your budget, solid-state drives (SSDs) can transform your business. SSDs can speed up your existing computer and servers for a fraction of the cost of new systems.

  • SSDs radically increase the productivity of your website performance by handling heavy traffic load, database, and large files
  • When your employees are using computers all day, then SSDs empower your organization to move faster. Solid-state drives are over 15x faster than traditional hard drives.
  • SSDs Protect your data with road-worthy durability because it is not run-in small parts, that will significantly more durable than hard drives.
  • In the organization, now everyone quickly accesses what they need to because it will not stretch like hard drives
  • Solid-state drives also help to minimize boot storms while increasing the numbers of virtual machines you want to run
  • solid-state drives make it possible to process 2.5 million database transactions per minute and over 500,000 orders per minute on Microsoft and SQL Server
  • To improve the performance of existing servers you need to use fewer servers, so SSDs reduce the need for cooling, which can result in additional savings in your annual business charges.

                            Pakchamp SSD VPS Hosting Plan in Pakistan

Now You can get an optimized web hosting plan from Pakchamp web hosting company. our competitive hosting features and advancement you will hardly find in other web hosting companies in Pakistan. You will get in our SSD VPS initial package;



  Disk Space





     04 Core


 200 GB SSD





  • More SSD Disk Space with More Bandwidth
  • Free Lifetime Domain Name
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited MySQL/Emails/FTP/Subdomains
  • Fully WordPress Optimized
  • Servers Data Centers based in USA and Germany
  • 05 years of experience in web hosting

                              Benefits of a Fast SSD-Power

Additional speed granted by SSD VPS hosting especially for those business websites that hit their bottom lines.

  • SSD uses flash memory to store data.
  •  It improves the reading and writing speed, and helps to improve the server's performance
  • SSD’s are more reliable in terms of efficiency and durability which build trust and credibility for your customer.
  • A faster loading website directly impact on Google search engine, so those Websites that are hosted with SSD VPS Hosting load faster than HHD
  • SSDs require less electrical power, so in reaction, they will generate less heat
  • Have lower access time
  • Have no need for defragmentation


SSD VPS hosting is the fastest way to increase your website productivity. Its multiple features help you to improve your website and enhance your user experience. Pakchamp offers fully customizable SSD VPS Hosting services all over Pakistan since 2016.  In our SSD VPS hosting plan, you get to enjoy a managed performance, security, and updates at highly cost-effective rates as compare to our competitors in Pakistan. If you have a budget and want the fastest, best hosting plan for your website you can opt VPS SSD hosting plan for you.


                        What is SSD VPS Hosting?

SSD VPS Hosting means the Solid-State Drive VPS Hosting Plan. VPS Hosting service provider uses SSD disk as compared to the traditional Hard Disk Drive on their physical servers. SSD consumes less power and delivers speedy performance. SSD uses flash memory to store important data. This improves the performance of the server, as well as website loading speed.

A faster browsing website gets an easy space in the Google search engine. Those Websites are hosted from SSD VPS Hosting they load much faster as compared to other hosting drivers. Thus, it helps you to increase your website proficiency. Thus, it means SSD’s are more reliable in terms of technical efficiency and fast speed.

Pakchamp web hosting company provides SSD VPS Hosting services. We offer in our SSD VOS 1 basic package, smart storage space from 8 GB RAM to 200 GB Disk space and Unlimited Bandwidth. So, choosing the right hosting company for your VPS Hosting depends on your hosting requirements.

It also based on your marketing expertise and dealing related to hosting deals and packages.  good content, its catchy presentation on your website to attract your expected customers that make the difference. So, decide wisely and act professionally on your decision to reach your high destiny.

Best SSD Linux Virtual Private Servers

If you have a large-scale business operating website, and you consider Linux as an option instead of a windows system.  Then you find that Linux on SSD VPS is the fastest and most secure operating system.

SSD VPS hosting plans comparison

It is completely normal to compare different SSD VPS hosting companies and their server plans to choose the best VPS hosting solution for your online project.

our highly experienced professionals’ administrators have profound experience in VPS hosting set up. Pakchamp is one of the top 3 official partners announce in Pakistan in cPanel. We will provide a substantial professional hosting environment for your business project or for your high-traffic website. We are officially providing our web hosting services for the last 5. During this time, our customers have multiplied several times in the context of web and hosting services. Customer satisfaction and trust play a vital role to strive to provide fast and consistent hosting results.

Advantages of best Pakchamp SSD VPS Hosting

  • Fast VPS SSD Hosting account
  • Share web operating system from other web users
  • Data security
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 24/7 support

Why Linux SSD VPS?

Virtual Private Servers tend to have multiple benefits in web hosting servers. They are offering some dedicated server features in their package while costing its real price. The basic parent server has several branches that are associated with virtual machines that are running on virtual operating systems that can act to split servers. By following the Linux operating system instead of Windows on these virtual machines is quite profitable for data maintenance security system and some technical specifications.

Linux is a much better option, due to its features in data management but it is comparatively harder than Windows. Linux operating system helps you to deal single-handedly with all its technicalities related to the website, and it is providing much faster results as compared to the window. It is an ideal operating system for scaling up your business in terms to grab more visitors and traffic to your website.

                       Pakchamp SSD Linux VPS Server

Linux operating system has innated faster storage capabilities due to SSD VPS. The best reliable web hosting company in Pakistan, from where you get SSD VPS Linux hosting is Pakchamp is all over Lahore Pakistan. We have multiple web options for you to get started on your website in newmarket dimensions. We also offer 24/7 live chat support to make sure you are always kept secure, calm satisfied from our standardized hosting servers.

Pakchamp offers different options for you to choose from, ranging from PKR 1,999 per month to PKR 9. 999 per month. In all the plans, you get the options to select Linux based operating system including. The most basic plan offers start from 8GB RAM of boosted SSD VPS space for your server. Whereas the highest package includes 200GB disk space of boosted SSD VPS and 60GB RAM of boosted SSD VPS space and 1600 GB SSD disk space with unlimited bandwidth.

                   HDD VPS Hosting in Pakistan

SSD stands for solid-state drivers and VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. SSD is a super-fast storage driver. It is 10 times faster than a traditional hard drive on a physical web server. SSD consumes less power and more efficient in its speed as compared to others. 

The major significance of SSD VPS Hosting

Solid-state driver SSD flash memory

A solid-state driver or SSD uses flash memory to store web data, which will enhance its proficiency and credibility for the level of user. It also helps to read and write efficiently. Its flash memory feature improves its performance on the level of the web server and website loading speed as well.

Choosing the right storage option

Choosing the right web storage option for your online business and website totally depends upon your need and level of business and website traffic. Your marketing strategies, web content, and public dealing, and your hosting offers for your visitors make your stander in the business community. However, the right web hosting plan is just like an extra bonus for the web host, so being a website host chooses the webserver and packages wisely.

SSD reliability and durability

SSD is more reliable in terms of efficiency, durability, and data storage which will enhance host credibility and worth in the eyes of their customers.

SSD Boosted VPS Hosting Increase Page Ranking

Faster loading sites have a great impact on google search engine results. SSD Boosted VPS Hosting is a super-fast loading capacity so it will increase website ranking in google search engines. By taking the services SSD VPS Hosting you can get the chance to control your web panel.

How is SSD VPS Hosting being totally different from VPS hosting?

There is a great difference between SSD VPS hosting and simple VPS hosting. SSD VPS hosting has a remarkable fast speed with great data storage power, quick loading capacity batter user experience, flash memory storage, and google ranking website search engine as compare to simple VPS hosting plans.

Best SSD VPS Boosted Linux server

If being a businessman you are running a large online business or run a professional website then you must opt for an SSD Boosted Linux private server as compare to a simple window system. Linux SSD Virtual private server system is one of the sharpest, fastest, and best systems, which will not only secure your operating system but also provide security, and authenticity as well.

Why Linux SSD VPS?

The virtual private server has a lot of advantages as compared to the regular traditional web servers. The regular basic server has several branches of virtual operating systems that can act as a separate server. but having a Linux virtual web server or system instead of a window is quite beneficial in terms of data handling and management and security as well. Linux has such type of sharp controlling features which all depend upon its user to handle or manage web data easily. Linux web operating web system allows you to understand its technical issues and handle the website efficiently. Linux helps its host to provide the fast results of data storage. Linux SSD Operating server best for scaling or raining for your online business and websites as well. It not only ranks the business but also easily manages the heavy traffic of visitors to the website.

                        Best SSD Boosted VPS Hosting

Web hosting companies have a number of operating systems that will enhance the traffic of site customs and data effect as well. Linux operating system has reliability with faster storage capability to SSD boosting server. It will allow your website to run smoothly without any technical fault. There is a multiply operating server, offers 24/7 chat support with satisfactory line servers. If being a website host and online trader you want to purchase the best quality VPS with Linux compatibility including SSD dick space in its all plans, it will totally depend upon your business and websites and you are dealing with your customers as well. You can select any of the SSD Linux server packages to deal with your customer in a better way.

                      Cheap SSD Boosted Windows VPS

VPS Hosting is a highly recommendable hosting service for small and medium size of online and web business. VPS type of hosting services mostly take advantage of the hosting system from others like dedicated and shared hosting services. If being an investor of the owner of the website, you want to enjoy both tastes on one single system then you must consider cheap SSD window VPS plans.  Cheap SSD boosted window VPS Plans offer reliable and faster performance. They are affordable in price. This plan is quite flexible in its design, so, it will be suitable for numerous types of business plans.

                          Pakchamp SSD VPS Hosting services

SSD VPS Hosting packages offer incredible uptime, with a high-security level on behalf of the customers. In Pakistan,  Pakistani web hosting companies offering SSD VPS Hosting services in different cities like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, etc. if you want to avail of these services on your business dealing then you have to contact them to boost your business and rank your website on google ranking chart. In Pakistani web hosting companies providing SSD VPS Hosting companies are providing their services in the margin of high performance, scalability, security, and free initial web setup at the very start for sake of the trial period. Some of them also offer full technical support just to boost your business or help to standardize your business as well.

Pakchamp SSD VPS hosting offers you the best reliable and worthy SSD VPS Hosting services in the contact to rank your business and website at very reasonable prices. Pakchamp cheap hosting plans are available 24/7 with their 100% technical support to their customers. so, you have to choose Pakchamp reliable hosting planes at local and international levels with unlimited bandwidth by using SSD VPS Hosting services at very low rates.

                      SSD VPS Hosting in Pakistan

Pakistani companies offer the best and reliable services in SSD VPS Hosting, they offer more speed, better web performance, faster loading time, and flash memory features with data security as well. After buying or taking the services of Pakistani companies’ SSD VPS Hosting services, you will easily notice a great difference in your Google ranking, user experience, and professional setup of your web page as well. Which will make a positive impact on your visitor’s mind. Because it’s too natural at first glance visitor judges the website, if being a host you organized your website on an online store it will make a high impact on the visitor’s mind. Because the first impression is the last impression. Customers judge the brand and site on the basis of their presentation and dealing with the customer and web packages that companies are offering to their visitors.

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