Managed VPS Hosting in Lahore


Are you looking for your VPS hosting in Pakistan?You are at right place! Our VPS Hosting solutions are based on the powerful KVM virtualization platform or OpenVZ. OpenVZ creates multiple isolated VPS Machines on a single physical server which allows sharing of hardware to different others, also license fees and server management efficiently. Each VPS performs exactly like a stand-alone VPS Server and can be rebooted independently anytime without any issue.Get the infallible, control, and flexibility of a dedicated server with Pakchamp. Pakchamp providing VPS Hosting in Pakistan or International countries and it is an ideal choice for business owners & webmasters if they want complete control over their web hosting structured environment along with the flexibility and freedom of dedicated servers in Pakistan but at a low cost. VPS Hosting services offers full root or SSH with shell access along with the ability to host unlimited domains over the license, install custom software/applications, or resell hosting in Pakistan or all over the World. All VPS Servers in Pakistan also comes with PHP, Perl, Apache, and MySQL pre-installed. You can choose either cPanel/WHM or Plesk Panel control for ease of your use and management of your Virtual Private Servers hosting. Pakchamp offering best or Cheap VPS hosting plans in the Pakistan market with unlimited bandwidths and also providing in international countries also.

Managed VPS Hosting in Lahore , PAKISTAN


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04 CORES 8 GB 200 GB SSD UNLIMITED EU / US / ASIA 01 2599/monthly 1999/monthly Buy Now

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06 CORES 16GB 400 GB SSD UNLIMITED EU / US / ASIA 02 4679 /monthly 3599/monthly Buy Now

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08 CORES 30 GB 800 GB SSD UNLIMITED EU / US / ASIA 03 7799/monthly 5999/monthly Buy Now

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10 CORES 60 GB 1600 GB SSD UNLIMITED EU / US / ASIA 04 12999 /monthly 9999/monthly Buy Now


HDD VPS 01 02 CORES 4 GB 300 GB HDD UNLIMITED EU Rs.1,499 /monthly Buy Now
HDD VPS 02 04 CORES 10 GB 700 GB HDD UNLIMITED EU Rs.3,199 /monthly Buy Now
HDD VPS 03 06 CORES 20 GB 1400 GB HDD UNLIMITED EU Rs.5,199 /monthly Buy Now



cPanel/WHM PKR 2,499 PER MONTH
Plesk Obsidian Web Host Edition 3,499 PER MONTH
Plesk Obsidian Web Pro Edition PKR 1,899 PER MONTH
Plesk Obsidian Web Admin Edition PKR 1,199 PER MONTH
VMware ESXi (5.0) Provide us license key and we can setup virtualization for you based upon VMware
PROXMOX VE LICENSE $25 PER CPU & PER MONTH (Setup cost will be separate)
SolusVM $10 PER CPU & PER MONTH (Setup cost will be separate)


Whatever you thinking and want to have if that is a dedicated server. Discuss with us and allow us to set up a solution for you. We can also set up an email solution for you even if you have diverse requirements of your dedicated server, we can design an HA solution if your application is resource-intensive or you need any extra requirements, we can design storage solutions if you may have any requirement for your dedicated servers. These are the reasons we claim 100% that we are the best providers of a dedicated server in Pakistan or International countries.


Our dedicated server's infrastructure is able to prevent DDoS attack at two levels. Firstly, it will block at the hardware level, and at the 2nd layer our all scripts will play the best role to avoid or remove that attacks. All this procedure is fully automated and with a proactive approach.


Our Data Centers are fully inessential at each level for including all but not limited to network, power, and security systems that provide the highest or best level of availability for the network 24/7 or 365 days a year. Therefore, we claiming 100% of uptime guarantee in our all dedicated serves in Pakistan.


We are 05 Years old & fully registered Web Hosting Company or dedicated servers provider in Pakistan, Thailand, UAE, or the UK & Dedicated Servers Provider in Pakistan. We can deliver you the best as we have much experience in Web Hosting and have experienced staff who is 24/7 available for your help or support, we already permanently fixed or setup our dedicated servers for the routine issues. It’s time to enjoy it now!



World’s Largest Control Panel (cPanel) announced Pakchamp as their official partner. We are the only 3rd company announced as an official partner of cPanel in Pakistan and there’re very few in Asia. cPanel listed us at their website as a partner


700+ of Government & Corporate Organizations feel comfortable while working with Pakchamp. Some of them are CMH, Agha Khan, DHA Islamabad, PSSH, Guest Corporation and they are happy to use our Dedicated Servers in Pakistan.


Our IT staff or engineers have written thousands of bash scripts for system automation & improvements which are taking continuous actions timely by the updates. Spamming & hacking isn't easy or happening at our network due to this. All we did this only to provide a comfort zone to our valued corporate or Government clients or customers.


           Cheap Managed VPS Hosting in Pakistan  

VPS Hosting is commonly known as Virtual Private Server Hosting; it is the next level of Shared Hosting. Cheap Managed VPS Hosting in Pakistan is very famous nowadays among site hosts due to its architect, which provides the fair usage of web server resources at a fairly nominal price. It is an advanced form of shared hosting; in this type, the users are allowed to share the server's physical resources in an entirely different way than the traditional shared hosting.

How Does VPS Hosting Work?

The virtualization aspect of VPS is one of the biggest differences between VPS and other types of hosting. In VPS hosting, the company usually sells the server to no more than 20 users. It will create less load on the server, as there is a certain limit of users using the same machine. The real advantage of using a VPS is that it has a special virtual machine monitor. With the help of a monitor, software, we can divide a server's resources into several virtual machines, also known as guest machines. In short, we can divide virtual private servers into multiple virtual computers, and each guest machine has its specific amount of dedicated Ram, CPU, and Hard Disk Drive space. 

Who Needs VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting will be the best hosting solution for those whose sites have grown beyond the parameters of shared hosting plans but don't need a dedicated hosting server. VPS hosting is a way to enjoy the hosting features of a dedicated server at an affordable price. 

What is Managed VPS Hosting?

As the name suggests, Managed VPS Hosting is a managed service where you don't need to worry about server management. In Managed VPS Hosting, your service provider will handle server maintenance. Thus, as a business owner, you don't need to invest your time and concentration on upgrading your business. 

How You Will Enjoy Pakchamp Managed VPS Server?

Now you have a big deal to enjoy Pakchamp Managed VPS server in just 1,399 PKR only. Managed VPS server is more flexible than the traditional shared hosting, as you can install the essential add-ons and scripts on your virtual machine. VPS server hosting allows you to configure your environment without affecting other users; this factor helps developers run different kinds of applications, stores, websites, and software as well. The benefit of fast VPS Hosting is, the users cannot use the server resources not more than the allocated limit, so in this regard, VPS other user's sites don't suffer.

                          Advantages of Managed VPS Hosting


Full root access

VPS Hosting is a combination of Shared and Dedicated Server Hosting; thus, you will enjoy the advantage of both hosting. In Managed VPS Hosting, your server is isolated from other servers. You can modify your hosting server and get full root access to your server.

Ease of management

Managed VPS Hosting provides ease of management services with server maintenance. You can easily concentrate on your business and managing website without any tension. In Managed VPS Hosting, all the technical aspect is taken care by the hosting provider.

Scalable Managed VPS hosting 

You can choose a wide range of Managed VPS hosting plans. Managed VPS hosting is suitable for most applications and scales them as per site host requirement at any time. Our Managed VPS plans provide you golden opportunity to grow more quickly with ease.

In VPS hosting, you can scale up your website's resources, and if your website requires more resources, you can contact your service provider at any time to upgrade your package and enjoy more server resources. Thus, saving the downtime, in this way you can protect your potential customers.

High Performance and Low Cost

In comparison to other Managed VPS Hosting service providers, Pakchamp provides you with a cheaper and better managed VPS Hosting service in just.1,399 PKR. You get guaranteed performance with high-quality powered servers and save your money in our Managed VPS Hosting service.

The difference between shared and VPS hosting is based on the additional resources and services which your website is providing. If your website is performing well and requires more space to build your brand online and does not want to lose your potential customers and want to give top-level user experience to your site visitors, let's try a VPS-based plan and feel the difference. All site hosts try VPS server hosting if they do not have any budget issues. Managed VPS Hosting will give your business or website a new life to compete with your business rival.

Website Performance

The performance of your server depends on the hard drive used. There are two types of drives, SSD and HDD. Now a day's SSD-based VPS Hosting is better as compared to HDD in terms of performance. SSD-based VPS Hosting improves the website load speed, Google search ranking, and performance. 


Website security is of the utmost important factor for a website host. In managed VPS server, all the websites share the same physical space but with different IP addresses. In Managed VPS Hosting services, each server has a Dedicated Hosting feature and specifications.

Managed VPS Hosting services in Lahore 

Pakchamp is one of the most leading Managed VPS Hosting companies in Lahore Pakistan. We are offering our hosting services in the ring of the hosting industry since 2016. We are offering fully Managed VPS Hosting with top-notch infrastructure, 24/7/365 support, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, an intuitive dashboard, and much more so that you can focus on running your business hassle-free.

                                      Managed VPS Hosting FAQ

 What are VPS hosting and virtual servers?

VPS is short for a virtual private server. VPS Hosting is a web hosting solution for websites in which server resources are isolated for individual users. VPS hosting users experience more consistent web performance and faster website growth.

What is managed VPS hosting server?

Managed VPS hosting is the ideal solution for both non-technical and technically skilled site hosts. The website Host doesn't need to takes care of any technical tasks related to the server. In other words, in Managed VPS hosting, the hosting provider will technically responsible for managing the server, including system upgrades and configuration. In managed VPS hosting server is a site host; you only need to run your website.

Shared Hosting VS VPS Hosting Solution?

  • The difference between shared and VPS hosting depends upon web resources, price, and website performance.
  • In shared hosting server is sharing with other websites, where VPS hosting provides server resources dedicated to specific site hosts.
  • Shared hosting is generally cheaper because resources are shared with more users, but Virtual Servers only have access to fewer websites. But VPS hosting is more expensive compare to shared hosting.
  • Most of the site hosts preferred to choose VPS over shared, just because of VPS's high-end performance. VPS hosting websites are much faster and more responsive as compare to shared hosting.


                Managed VPS Hosting in Pakistan

 Managed VPS Hosting is one of the most suitable options when your business surpasses its Shared Hosting plan.  It will positively impact your business, and increase your brand value by maintaining website traffic.  If you want to accommodate your growing website traffic, improves your website loading speed, then Managed VPS Hosting will be a great option.

What is Managed VPS Hosting?

Managed VPS Hosting is a managed service where you do not need to take tension related to server management. In Managed VPS Hosting, your web hosting provider fully managed your website server by updating the core, software installation, backup, security, and much more. Managed VPS Hosting can be chosen by any business owner, irrespective of they have a technical background or not.

 When Your Website Needs Managed VPS Hosting?

If your business goals increase due to your customer incoming traffic on your website, then it’s time to extend your hosting resources and business planning to engage your targeted customers. It would be a wise decision to choose Managed VPS Hosting, it allows you to concentrate on your business deal because the service provider takes care of all the technical aspects to run your business website.


                                 Advantages of Managed VPS Hosting

Full root access

It’s a combination of Shared and Dedicated Server Hosting. Being a site host your managed server is isolated from other server’s users.  In Managed VPS Hosting you have full root access, so you can customize your website as per your own hosting requirements.

Ease of manage

In Managed VPS Hosting your hosting provider is responsible for your server management and maintenance. so, you can easily concentrate on building your business and managing your brand in the online digital market. Whereas, all technical aspect is taken care of by your web host.

Instant resource provisioning

Server resources like OS, RAM, and CPU are initially allocated as your server is set up. Moreover, you can scale all these hosting resources as per your website requirement when you will feel your traffic grows on your website.


your website’s backend is taken care of by your web hosting provider, so you do not need to hire an additional technical administrator or staff to maintain your website.  Managed VPS Hosting is economical and cost-effective in the context of charges as compare to dedicated resources.


Website security is of utmost importance for the site host. Although in managed VPS server hosting all the websites share the same physical space, but their IP addresses are unique which will help to make confidential your data due to isolation.


The performance of your server depends on the hard drive server. There are two types of drives such as;


HDD VPS Hosting

SSD VPS Hosting stands for, Solid State Drive VPS Hosting Plan




HDD VPS Hosting

HDD VPS Hosting stands for, Hard Disk Drive VPS Hosting Plan

 Nowadays most businesses would prefer to opt SSD based VPS Hosting.  It is much better as compared to HDD in terms of performance, and speed.  SSD VPS hosting improves website load speed which will directly impact Google search ranking and performance.  The benefit of an SSD over an HDD, it consumes less power and delivers fast performance in terms of speed. Let us observe the difference between these two drives. If you are still confused about SSD and HDD? Read all about SSD VPS Hosting VS HDD VPS Hosting Server.


                    SSD VPS Hosting VS HDD VPS Hosting




                SSD VPS Hosting


                 HDD VPS Hosting


SSD requires less power and safe battery life

HDD requires a lot of power it will impact   on battery timing

SSD uses flash memory to store data. So, data does not get deleted suddenly due to the magnetic disk because of its effect on data

HDD has circular platters to store data in magnetic format. However, on the downside magnets can erase data, so data is vulnerable in it.


SSDs have hardly moving parts. So, very little noise and vibrations will be produced in it.

HDDs have platters to store data, so they will cause noise and vibrations while moving their parts


Cost-wise SSDs are expensive, but it delivers high performance in website development

HDDs are cheaper as compared to SSD, but it impacts on website performance



                       Pakchamp SSD Managed VPS Hosting Plans

  • 04 to 10 Core CPU space
  • 08 to 60 GB Ram
  • 200 to 1600 GB SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Snapshots 1 to 4

                       Pakchamp HDD Managed VPS Hosting Plans


  • 02 to 06 Core CPU space
  • 04 to 20 GB Ram
  • 300 to 1400 GB HHD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth


Pakchamp understands the importance of time and resource management, we are offering Managed VPS Hosting in Pakistan with top-notch infrastructure, 24/7/365 hosting support, 99.9% uptime guarantee, easy upgrade, an intuitive dashboard, and much more at cost-effective rates. We also provide a free SSL Certificate, CDN integration, and cPanel control panel with Setaceous for easy installation of multiple web applications for your website. Pakchamp web hosting plans support dozens of frameworks and languages including Python, PHP, Magento, and Laravel. They also guarantee 99.9% uptime with credit to your account if it falls short.



                       SSD VPS Hosting in Pakistan

SSD VPS hosting in Pakistan is an excellent fast hosting plan for personal websites, small businesses, online shopping malls, and commerce marketplaces as well. SSD VPS Hosting system allows its resources such as Ram, and CPU to be dedicated and attached to your account. To ensure to make favorable decisions for your website and business, you have to start a search about; what is VPS hosting services are going to offers? Whether they are favorable for your business? Affordable in price or not? Such types of questions resolve your queries being a client. 

What are the benefits of Fast SSD VPS Hosting?

Users are grantees to be a hold on a Fast SSD VPS hosting account. It means being a user your account specifically allocated to an already set amount of RAM, CPU, and Disk Space too. This will help you to have held to main the stability and performance of your business and website. By using SSD VPS, you can share your web operating system with other web users. This will make you assuring for better security for your website and online business.

What is the main difference between Shared Hosting & VPS Hosting Services?

In a shared hosting server, all the other users are also having access to the server, and being a user, you don’t have full access to the main server, you don’t enjoy web hosting independently, you can't have to liberty to install security software. There is no guarantee of RAM, CPU with shared hosting web services. A shared web hosting server does not provide you with being a user to have full access to the main server because you shared your web server with other users. As compared to SSD VPS Hosting packages, users have full access or command on the main root. Users can install security software by his or her self-according to the needs of websites and business requirements.

What does the SSD VPS Hosting Provider Serve?

VPS is a short-term Virtual Private server some time we are called VDS virtual dedicated server. As a client in the web hosting server, you are giving full access to the root of the virtual server. It means there are numerous web hosting virtual servers are operating on one single physical machine within too many web hosting servers. SSD VPS Hosting company fully allow its user to install their own security software and configure as well. In the actual situation being a client, you have a certain portion of the server, which is being associated with your business and website as a customer.

SSD VPS Hosting Provides Flexible Resources 

SSD VPS Hosting in Pakistan offers dedicated web server resources for your website., especially for RAM, CPU, Disk space specifically assigned to you separately being a web user. If your business boost and your website have heave traffic and being a web user, you required greater web resources then managed VPS hosting services help you lot to handle your business situations with guarantee data security and privacy as well. Flexibility permitted by the VPS is one of the most useful and significant features of SSD VPS hosting. Such type of hosting often makes use of hyper-vision, which is software that facilitates you in the sharing of web resources. Being a website host, if you can observe that, the number of visitors is increasing on your website, and you need to accommodate a large audience on your website, you cannot use a separate VPS hosting server, then you have an option to borrow the extra web hosting power to accommodate your web audience on the same platform.

SSD VPS Hosting Scalability of Resources

SSD VPS hosting is in the middle range between a shared server Without any dedicated resources. Most of the websites perform adequately with VPS hosting, and they also require a slight increase in the management and performance of website handling. SSD VPS web hosting has availability of scalability, due to this user can have accessed or liability to increase its available resource as per the requirements of the website and business.

Affordable in Price

SSD VPS hosting server is more affordable for website users than to purchase a dedicated server. It can reliably host your websites or business and handle web traffic to accommodating clients.

Roots Access to Configure

Managed VPS hosting company also gives you full roots access to configure and make changes on a certain aspect in web hosting performance. Roots access is not possible in the other sharing hosting services. The most common alternative to Fast VPS hosting for websites is dedicated hosting. Where you cannot share your web server with other customers. Dedicated hosting is a popular option of web hosting because of its root access and configuration. Cheap VPS Hosting in Pakistan allows you to enjoy all the benefits of customization of web hosting in dedicated server offers without a large price.

SSD VPS Management

Being a web user, you have the freedom to install security software on your web server to accommodate your business audience. By installing such software you can enhance web speed, fast Processing, and fast memory access. The client has full hold due to a virtual private server.

                                              Cheap Virtual Private Server in Pakistan

If you are a web hosting reseller or a small web hosting company or a shared web hosting provider in Pakistan, and your server getting fulfilled your server space, then being a user, you can charge a CC Processing fee then you can manage your local VPS server company. Its cast is more favorable than other big web hosting companies. If you need a window base VPS or Linux-based virtual server in Pakistan at a cheap price. Pakchamp has both versions of the Windows server license and multiple versions of the Linux-based operating system. Being an investor it's your responsibility to choose the best web hosting plan for your business and website. First, you ask yourself, why you need a VPS for your website? It is most probably because you are looking for a dedicated hosting solution. SSD VPS hosting plan is enough good in speed, batter performance, and fastest time delivery of data transformation. By adding an SSD VPS hosting server, you can increase your online productivity. SSD VPS packages in Pakistan offer uptime with high security and reliability as well.

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