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Are you looking for your Dedicated Server in Pakistan? You are in the right place! Pakchamp delivers the ultimate and best solution for all your dedicated hosting server for your needs. Whether you need to host different or multiple websites, files, or database intensive with SQL Server applications with Plesk or Linux dedicated servers, we have a Dedicated Server in Pakistan to match your needs. If you are going to planning the setup of your virtualization environment, or want to set up a professional email server on Pakchamp dedicated server, or need a high available solution at a dedicated server at Pakistan level. Pakchamp can meet your expectations or build a long-term relationship with you. Pakchamp offering reasonable or cheap rates for dedicated servers in Pakistan, and in advance, we can set up every solution on our servers you may be looking for! Note: Delivery time of the server is up to 72 hours & subject to server's availability. Note: All packages are governed by Terms & Conditions and subject to Pakchamp Hosting Policy. Note: No hidden charges in our all plans

Dedicated Servers in Lahore , PAKISTAN



PCS INTEL COREi7(4x2.66 Ghz) 16 GB 2x1000 GB HDD UNLIMITED EU (Optional) 18,198/monthly 13,999/monthly Buy Now


PCS INTEL CORE i 7 (6 x 3.20 Ghz) 24 GB 2000 GB HDD 80 GB SSD UNLIMITED EU (Optional) 25,998/monthly 19,999/monthly Buy Now


PCS INTEL COREi7 3930k or 4930k (6x3.20Ghz) 64 GB 3000 GB HDD 256 GB SSD UNLIMITED EU (Optional) 28,599/monthly 21,999/monthly Buy Now


3 Physical Cores 24GB RAM 180GB NVMe SSD 250 Mbit/s port EU (Optional) 10,999 /monthly 7,999/monthly Buy Now


4 Physical Cores 32GB RAM 240GB NVMe SSD 500 Mbit/s port EU (Optional) 12,999 /monthly 9,499/monthly Buy Now


6 Physical Cores 48GB RAM 360GB NVMe SSD 750 Mbit/s port EU (Optional) 18,999 /monthly 13,499/monthly Buy Now


8 Physical Cores 64GB RAM 480GB NVMe SSD 1 GBit/s port EU (Optional) 23,999/monthly 16,999/monthly Buy Now


Intel Xeon E5 2630v4 CPU Benchmark** 256GB REG ECC 1 GBit/s port EU (Optional) 33,999/monthly 24,999/monthly Buy Now


DDS 10
2 x Intel Xeon E5 2630v4 Up to 512 GB RAM 256GB REG ECC 1 GBit/s port EU (Optional) 39,999 /monthly 32,999/monthly Buy Now


DDS 16
AMD EPYC 7282 Up to 512 GB RAM 256GB REG ECC 1 GBit/s port EU (Optional) 46,999/monthly 39,999/monthly Buy Now


DDS 32
2 x AMD EPYC 7282 Up to 2 TB RAM 256GB REG ECC 1 GBit/s port EU (Optional) 59,999/monthly 49,999/monthly Buy Now



cPanel/WHM 100 Accounts PKR 6,499 PER MONTH
Plesk Obsidian Web Host Edition PKR 5,199 PER MONTH
Plesk Obsidian Web Pro Edition PKR 2,099 PER MONTH
Plesk Obsidian Web Admin Edition PKR 1,342 PER MONTH
VMware ESXi (5.0) Provide us license key and we can setup virtualization for you based upon VMware
PROXMOX VE LICENSE $25 PER CPU & PER MONTH (Setup cost will be separate)
SolusVM $10 PER CPU & PER MONTH (Setup cost will be separate)


Whatever you thinking and want to have if that is a dedicated server. Discuss with us and allow us to set up a solution for you. We can also set up an email solution for you even if you have diverse requirements of your dedicated server, we can design an HA solution if your application is resource-intensive or you need any extra requirements, we can design storage solutions if you may have any requirement for your dedicated servers. These are the reasons we claim 100% that we are the best providers of a dedicated server in Pakistan or International countries.


Our dedicated server's infrastructure is able to prevent DDoS attack at two levels. Firstly, it will block at the hardware level, and at the 2nd layer our all scripts will play the best role to avoid or remove that attacks. All this procedure is fully automated and with a proactive approach.


Our Data Centers are fully inessential at each level for including all but not limited to network, power, and security systems that provide the highest or best level of availability for the network 24/7 or 365 days a year. Therefore, we claiming 100% of uptime guarantee in our all dedicated serves in Pakistan.


We are 05 Years old & fully registered Web Hosting Company or dedicated servers provider in Pakistan, Thailand, UAE, or the UK & Dedicated Servers Provider in Pakistan. We can deliver you the best as we have much experience in Web Hosting and have experienced staff who is 24/7 available for your help or support, we already permanently fixed or setup our dedicated servers for the routine issues. It’s time to enjoy it now!



World’s Largest Control Panel (cPanel) announced Pakchamp as their official partner. We are the only 3rd company announced as an official partner of cPanel in Pakistan and there’re very few in Asia. cPanel listed us at their website as a partner


700+ of Government & Corporate Organizations feel comfortable while working with Pakchamp. Some of them are CMH, Agha Khan, DHA Islamabad, PSSH, Guest Corporation and they are happy to use our Dedicated Servers in Pakistan.


Our IT staff or engineers have written thousands of bash scripts for system automation & improvements which are taking continuous actions timely by the updates. Spamming & hacking isn't easy or happening at our network due to this. All we did this only to provide a comfort zone to our valued corporate or Government clients or customers.

      Dedicated Server Hosting in Pakistan 


We live in the digital era, where everyone needs reliable server hosting to upgrade their business in the digital market. If you want to attain a long-lasting boom in website hosting, dedicated server hosting is a big investment to deal with your online business. From dedicated server hosting in Pakistan, you will get speed, security, user-friendly support, and high end high -end website performance.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a single physical computer, which is specifically designed to support multiple site hosts at one time. It runs a large number of multiple applications and services to deal with website issues. In dedicated server hosting, all the physical computer resources to be "dedicated" to one client. Dedicated server hosting gives the site host an edge to deal with hardware resources single-handedly. in dedicated server hosting, the server will not be shared with any other clients. Dedicated server hosting is opposite to the shared server hosting and cloud servers, where the all-server resources of the physical computer are shared amongst multiple clients.

When you required dedicated server hosting?

A dedicated server is providing by a hosting company to provide access to their customers on the server resources, such as relevant software, internet connection, storage, and a CPU. In a dedicated server hosting user's computer is connected remotely to the server at a monthly price. The dedicated server provider is responsible for maintaining security issues and managing server resources under their supervision. Website hosts are generally not metered for bandwidth; if the website host uses extra data from their allocated storage, the server providing the company will not charge them extra money.

Dedicated servers enable customers to customize the software as per their requirements. At the same time, it is more powerful and has great processing speed. Dedicated servers are the requirement of large business organizations, and they need to have high levels of data security or high demands for server capacity like big data platforms. 

How much you will get from Pakchamp dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated server hosting sounds pretty great due to its technical features but relatively high prices. Pakchamp offers you a 30% discount on its dedicated server hosting. You can get the Pakchamp dedicated server hosting Ramadan package in just 8,999 PKR. We offer our client Ramadan deal 12 GB Ram, with 2x1000 GB HDD Disk space 24/7/365 technical support. Packham’s dedicated server hosting infrastructure is ideally handling DDOS attacks in two unique levels. Our anti-DDOS technical experts' team prevent DDOS attack from blocking hardware or from removing all scripts. World's largest cPanel announced Pakchamp as their 3rd official partner in Pakistan.                 

                               Advantages of dedicated server hosting 

Separate Server resources

 A dedicated server hosting provider gives you access to a single server with multiple web resources. As an individual user, you will not experience other websites clogging up the server's CPU and RAM. Dedicated server hosting gives you an edge to manage bad scripts running on another website or spikes in bandwidth, slowing down your server.

Enhanced performance and security

A dedicated hosting provider guarantees maximum uptime for your website. In case of great website traffic on your website, dedicated servers provide you more stability and reliability. You are not sharing your server space with a malicious website or a potential spammer in dedicated server hosting. Dedicated server hosting allows you to enhance your website security, particularly in handling sensitive transactions over FTP or SSL.


A dedicated server allows its users to customize the server as per their requirements in terms of CPU, RAM, disk space and software, etc. A dedicated server hosting provides a customizable server environment that meets everyone's needs.

  Unique IP address

In dedicated server hosting, each server has its unique IP address, helping you save your website from spam and rank push down. In Dedicated server hosting, you are allotted your unique IP address, which will help you run an e-commerce site that requires SSL for credit card processing.

Operating system choices

Dedicated server hosting solutions give you complete freedom in the operating system, such as; a Windows Server OS or one of the different Linux distributions. In some circumstances, the software you run may only be compatible with a legacy OS version, so ensure that your provider enables you to run the OS as you required.

Hardware choices

As dedicated servers can be expensive, but it offers multiple hardware options. In this way, you get a great hardware setup with enough capacity in terms of performance and capabilities; being an entrepreneur, you will require without paying an extra amount. Ideally, you should have a range of options over the CPU model, several cores and speed, RAM size, the type of RAM hard disk capacity, hard disk type like HDD /SSD, and bandwidth, etc. 

Control panel options

Great cPanel control makes it much easier for you to manage your server and its applications. 

Easy to navigate and with a wide range of incredibly powerful, built-in management tools, cPanel and Plesk are among the leading cPanel used by millions of businesses across the globe. 

High availability

If your server runs critical applications, you cannot afford it to be offline. So, you should choose your server host that provides a 99.99% guarantee of high availability.

First-class technical support

There may be times when the IT team needs a service provider's technical support to carry out a task, so it's very important, be available 24/7/365 by phone, email, live chat, or ticket. The technical support team has the necessary expertise to deal with any problem.


Dedicated server hosting provider in Lahore offers high-performance, great storage to store required applications. To get the best outcome from your dedicated server hosting provider, you need to consider several options: operating system, hardware, control panel, option to configure the server as per your requirement, website security, server management, and technical support24/7 guaranteed uptime offered. Fortunately, Pakchamp is providing all these features to its customers with 100% good services since 2016. If you have an origination, then dedicated server hosting in Pakistan will be your nest destination in the field of website hosting. It is customizable according to every user's needs, and it has a very secure infrastructure against malware. Because it provides full access to its client to use all of the resources of a server.


             Dedicated Server Hosting plan in Pakistan

Website hosting services define your success path in the cyber world. If you run an online business that involves financial transactions and a high level of confidentiality, then dedicated hosting would certainly be the best option for you. It’s a great way to minimize your website hosting tragedies. In dedicated server plans, hosting companies provide a guarantee to enhance security measures that protect data from being hijacked.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is the exclusive use of a computer, it is based on a web server, software, and internet connection. In this server, your website will be the only one hosted on it.  Dedicated hosting plans are ideal for large organizations and high-traffic websites. High-profile companies would generally like to prefer it because they have high traffic levels and they are looking for a reliable server that will ensure top speed and performance, robust security to protect their data and infrastructure with regular hardware maintenance, and performance monitoring. In dedicated hosting, the host will get full control and access to the server resources which allows the site host to configure it to meet their hosting requirements. The dedicated server hosting plans also come in two forms, such as;

Dedicated Managed Servers

Dedicated Managed servers fall under the full responsibility of the hosting provider that hires engineers to monitor, configure, and handle the servers. Dedicated Managed Servers are generally more expensive as compared to unmanaged due to price factors. It infused with multiple resources such as bandwidth, storage space, and amount of RAM, and so on. The web hosting providers also delivers locked-down security through managed dedicated server plans by regular updating and monitoring malware detection, DDoS protection, and automated data backups.

Managed dedicated server solutions are a great deal for those entrepreneurs, they want tension-free life and that operate multi-user apps, databases of any kind, virtualization, resellers, high traffic sites, and multiple websites at the same time.

Unmanaged Hosting Server

It is a little bit cheaper in price and would be a great option for those companies that want to use human resources and expertise in server management. In an unmanaged hosting server, the hosting provider will only be responsible for the infrastructure that runs smoothly from a hardware perspective.  In Unmanaged hosting serve entrepreneur would be responsible for; installing scripts, updates and related compatibility issues, security risk mitigation, and attack containment.

Why Dedicated Servers Are Best Alternative?

Dedicated hosting brings tons of business advantages for websites that receive a lot of traffic and engage in online financial transactions. In such an arrangement, a business is allocated a dedicated physical server. The business exclusively owns the entire bunch of resources allocated. That is why the dedicated hosting server is the first choice for all high-profile business websites to ensures high network uptime because server resources are not shared with other users.

Why Should You Upgrade to Dedicated Servers?

With a dedicated server, you can avail yourself of additional resources like greater bandwidth or processing power. So, if you are looking for a hosting plan that can offer higher reliability, higher scalability, immense flexibility, and enhance your website’s security level then you should opt for dedicated server hosting.

If you run an online business that involves a considerable number of financial transactions and demands a high degree of confidentiality, dedicated hosting would certainly be a great deal. It is officially proved that dedicated servers prevent the expected chances of a hacking attack on your website, due to its separate IP address and server control. In a dedicated hosting plan, all web hosting companies provide a 100% guarantee to protect your site data from being hijacked.

                       Dedicated Hosting as the Best Option 

A dedicated hosting environment might be your choice in certain aspects;

                Dedicated Server Services for Vigorous Performance

 Here are few hosting services for a dedicated server that are essential for a high-performance website, such services are;


                            Pakchamp Dedicated Server Hosting Plan

 Pakchamp web hosting company offers a reliable and rocket-fast dedicated hosting service all over Pakistan. Our hosting services equipped with powerful servers’ features, to keep your websites safe and secure with high rated top performance. Pakchamp dedicated server hosting offer both Linux and Windows configurations you get in Pakchamp server basic hosting plan 12 GB of RAM and a 2.66 GHz processor with 7 CPU cores and 2X100GB HDD disk space in it.   You also get a single dedicated IP address with our basic plan. Being a site host, you have an option to upgrade to a larger disk space when you required it.

                          Pakchamp Dedicated Server Hosting Features


Pakchamp offers 24/7/365 phone and chats support on its every hosting and service plan.  We guarantee an initial response within 52-second to solve your queries. After our initial response, you will be got answered to your initial queries .to provide quality services our technical support team take some extra steps to suggest the best suitable hosting solution for your website.


The prices start from 12,499/month Pakchamp web hosting every plan comes with a 100% uptime guarantee.

Automated scripts

Our IT experts provide bash scripts for your system's high-end performance and improvement, which will help to take continuous actions timely for updates. Automated scripts feature prevent spamming and hacking on your website after availing our promising hosting services. Pakchamp provides such a promising service to value its customer’s comfort zone.

Anti DDOs

Pakchamp dedicated server hosting infrastructure prevent your website from DDOS attack on two levels, such as;

All the procedure is fully equipped with technicalities and protective mismeasurements.

 Pakchamp as an official cPanel partner

world’s largest control panel officially announced Pakchamp an official partner in the Pakistan web hosting industry. If you expect a high volume of traffic on your website, then dedicated server hosting will be your best option for handling it. According to the kissmetrics report’s 47% of site visitors are expecting, site page load within two seconds.  Being a site host, you make sure, your website speed more than frustrate your visitors. So, Pakchamp provides its users high-Performance quality services with rocket speed because it may impact your high-end search performance. 


  Dedicated hosting provides preventative control in terms of stronger security features to meet your unique specifications. It also reduces the possible chances of an attack because you are the only user on your server. Pakchamp is one of the registered web hosting companies and dedicated server providers in Pakistan, UAE, Thailand, and the UK. We establish our sincere relationship with our customers in 2016. If you need flexibility on the back end of your site, consider Pakchamp dedicated server hosting because it will let you customize settings in a way that you never ever experienced in shared hosting.

                           Dedicated Server in Pakistan

A Dedicated hosting server is a remote server that is particular for the needs of a single client. Dedicated Hosting company provides full-time access along with internet connection, and other necessary equipment. Before having access to other internet connections, Dedicated Server user has 100% exclusive access to all internet resources. Dedicated server hosting companies helps its user to attain 100% result regarding their task and productivity.

Should we use Dedicated Servers in our Business?

Dedicated server hosting services are the best choice for business use, especially, when you are in search of privacy, support, reliability, and productivity.

Privacy of Dedicated Server Client:

Dedicated server hosting companies in Pakistan provide full-time privacy because being a single user you do not have any issue regarding privacy, connectivity, and signals as well. Being a single-user web server is total in your own control. So, you are free in your own domain, and you can enjoy dedicated server hosting services continuously without anyone interference.


Dedicated server hosting companies in Pakistan has provided its customer with a reliable source of web connectivity with the 100% guarantee over the years. A dedicated server host provides maximum productivity and efficiency to its clients.


Dedicated Business Server provides full-time support to its user in the term of connectivity, access, and productivity. They provide their expertise on the last end, so being a user, you can enjoy dedicated server services as you can.


Web Host Dedicated server is the first priority of companies, those they want to excel in a short time period. Dedicated Hosting Service companies are not going to share with anyone. So, productivity is much faster as compared to other web hosting servers.


Security is the main concern of all big companies. Dedicated hosting server services in Pakistan provide its users with companies proper security as per their requirements. Because the webserver is not connected with another user’s computer. Besides the part of the fast web dedicated server services security assurance, you can also install your own security software. Besides that, the dedicated hosting server’s responsibility to provide full-time security and provide full updates from time to time.

Which type of Dedicated Server Hosting is favorable?

A dedicated web server can easily run any type of website. Unless maintaining high-level traffic on the website dedicated server hosting provides more power to its users. As compared to other hosting server likes shared hosting, business hosting, VPS dedicated server hosting will be the right choice to flourish your business within your limited domain at a limited time period.

Dedicated Hosting Server vs Cloud Shared Hosting

There is two Mani reason that makes dedicated server hosting is different to cloud shared hosting, Firstly, the usage of raw performance is quite different, there is a fertilization layer in a dedicated server.so, due to the virtualization layer consuming resources being a user you can enjoy guaranteed 100% physical resources. The second main reason between cloud shared and dedicated server is, level of concern of server on administration. In a US-based dedicated server in Pakistan, you manage everything from configuration to the do hosted on it. and you are the only user on a single server, so you are responsible for security. A dedicated server in Pakistan gives you an option to install multiple software that is essential for the up gratin or maintains in business management.

                         Dedicated Server Hosting in Pakistan

Dedicated web server hosting companies in Pakistan, offers the best services to their customers in the form of fast-loading web servers and security all over Pakistan. A dedicated web hosting provider is not only providing top-class web hosting server services but also offers numerous benefits to its customers which are quite beneficial for them in long term. Top 10 Dedicated web hosting companies in Pakistan indirectly enable their clients to experience cheap and low-price web hosting services all over Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, etc. By buying dedicated server hosting services, they will reduce their cost and increase their professional growth in the long run.

Pakistani dedicated server hosting provider offers optional performance with a free initial service setup. With a number of advantages like customer support, building extra security fences for customers, easy to use or access on the control panel, etc. so, in short, we can recommend dedicated hosting server services to boost your business plan or increase your productivity in short term.

                             Dedicated Server Hosting  Main Features

By adopting dedicated server services in Pakistan, we will enjoy a specific number of features like disk space for storing more files, you can choose a traditional hard driver or a solid-state drive in your website storage medium by adopting dedicated hosting server plans. On the other hand, solid-state drivers are faster as compared to other drivers but it will be too costly as compared to others. Cheap dedicated hosting servers with Fast Business web server In Pakistan there are a number of cheap dedicated hosting servers that play a substantial role in the web hosting business. If you need a cheap Linux-based or WordPress-based dedicated hosting server with high proficiency you can attain a lot of the best-dedicated hosting servers’ packages offered in national web server producers on a local basis. By opting for a cheap VPS hosting server in Pakistan, you can easily collaborate with your web hosting system engineer and host server team as well.

                              Best Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

Best dedicated means that you get an entire hold on your web hosting server. The best-dedicated hosting server must have no sharing of CPU, Ram, and Bandwidth. This signifies that you are all responsible for your website. Best dedicated hosting servers give liberty to its user to take more control on a server that; how the webserver configured? By adopting the offers of the best VPS hosting server services, you can install more software or tweak all websites setting as per your business requirement, it will be a plus point for the entrepreneurs. A dedicated hosting server allows its entrepreneur to optimize the web hosting server for your specific requirements. All best-dedicated hosting server providers are often come with fast and flexible packages for their clients. Best web providers always focus or monitors your server for providing better services like failed web hosting services before your realization as a client. Such type of web hosting server services is not too cheap in prices, but you can attain reasonable web hosting packages round about Rs.10,000 to Rs.100,000 for the whole month as a basic package. But this is only depending upon the right choice.

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