Windows Hosting in Pakistan

Windows Hosting in Pakistan Plans To Meet Every Need

Services Included With All Plans

Daily Backups

Pak Champ Soft offers daily backups to prevent your data loss with paid services.

Whatsapp and Calling Support

Pak Champ Soft offering 09: 00 am to 12:00 am free whatsapp and calling support.

Website Monitoring

Use your monitoring system to monitor your website and/or 3rd party sites

Free Website Transfer

Our Support will transfer your files and databases absolutely free of charge

Free Domain

Free domain name is included with your first year of hosting plans

Daily Malware Scans

With daily website malware scanning, keep the website clear of viruses

Technical Specifications

Hosting Features

Easy to Use Control Panel
Unmetered Bandwidth
Unlimited Sub Domains
FTP and Email Accounts
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
5 Day Money Back Guarantee


Ticket System (Email)
Whatsapp Support Portal

Cloud Control

Enterprise Manager
Cloud Control
Oracle ACE (Details)
Database Management
EM Command Line Interface
ADDM Active Reports

Programming & Databases

MySQL Databases
CGI, Fast CGI (Details)
PHP 7, Perl, Python
Modules: Curl, CPAN, GD Library
SSH Access
Cron Job Scheduling

Control Panel

Latest cPanel Control Panel
AWStats, Webalizer
Instant Shopping Carts
Blogs, Portals, Forums
Password Protected
Web Based File Manager


Administration Access over SSL
Web Application Firewall (WAF) Protection
On Demand Virus and Malware Scanning
Enforced Password Strength Requirements
Brute Force Protection
Free Shared SSL Certificate

                                 Windows Hosting in Pakistan

Windows Hosting is the most easier web hosting service in Pakistan. when we will be adding more features to extend its utility. It will be less complicated and expand the features of your website. Windows hosting server is basically backed by Microsoft, which regularly provides updates to secure your hosting from bugs. There are certain Microsoft programming languages and frameworks that we will only run on a window server. Window hosting is optimized for Microsoft software and it provides above-average load times.  Take your best window server, then you can expect high-performance marks on your web page, being a client, you can scale the rank of SEO. Because only speed is not needed to hook the customers and keeping them engaged. Nowadays Google factors of the algorithm are truly very effective to check the balance of the website.

What is the Windows Server?  

Windows server is a line of the operating system, that is created by Microsoft for use as a client on the server. Basically, window server uses in business settings. Window server and window share both depend on code systems you can perform the different tasks on both. you can download and install programmed like browser, window server, and much more.

WordPress Hosting in Pakistan

WordPress hosting is like a store all files and folders that make up your website. Basically, WordPress hosting signifies the host of a web server that runs WordPress websites is on its peak. WordPress hosting company don’t take much time, it takes just a single click. Within a few seconds, you will be able to work on your websites and can add content as per your need and requirements.

Plesk Hosting in Pakistan

In Pakistan, online business trends are going to increase with the passage of time which shows that windows server hosting companies have their own range or domain name with .pk domain name and registration on a fast webserver provider. All famous brands, banks, companies are using online, and apps to promote their agenda to develop a strong and regular social link to their customers

.NET MVC Hosting in Pakistan

MVC help to build three different roles the modal data typically stored in a database. MVC web hosting provides a powerful framework and helps you to clean the separating of roles by accelerating the development process. MVC windows hosting comes with a powerful URL number, it does not need to include filename extension, etc.

ASP Web Hosting Server in Pakistan

Active web server pages ( ARE HTML pages with embedded ASP script. ASP script is processed on the server before the page sent to the client browser. ASP basically allows you to create database dynamic pages and visitors have direct access to data and easily interact on the page the example of such active X or Java components.

Difference Between Web Hosting & WordPress Hosting

The main basic difference between web hosting and WordPress hosting is that the latter is built for the main purpose of websites. It means the server can be tuned to run any number of WordPress hosting websites. On the other hand, simple WordPress hosting will need different machines, plugin installations, and memory tweaks, etc.

Windows Hosting vs Linux Hosting Server

Windows hosting server is cheaper than a Linux hosting server because it's an open-source application that we can install freely without any cost on any computer. A window cast approximately 200$ which is basically built-in hosting plane prices. The windows OS utilize more disk space and Ram than the Linux.

Best Window Hosting Server

There are a number of the hosting system, there aim to provide ultra-reliable services to their customers. If you are looking for top best line window-based host then A2 hosting is best of them.  A2 hosting offers more comprehensive and reliable. It hosts your server in the safest way on a window platform. It offers one of the most competitive prices which can be much batter as compare to others. It offered unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and so many email accounts as per its user requirements. It’s mostly planed even with shared services come with the free SSL certificates and it deals with SSD storage for faster speed and good results.

Why PakChamp?

If you want to save your money then PakChamp will be a decent choice. there we offer three low budget sharing hosting plans. these plans come with a free domain and Microsoft Office, the business email account for the whole years.

Benefits of Windows Hosting Server in Pakistan

No matter which window web hosting provider you will select for your system, but there are certain advantages you will observe is a user’s like;

The flexibility of Windows Servers in Pakistan

One of the great advantages of being a user you will enjoy, that is its flexibility. You have the option to run IIS as the main server software or you can replace it with the LAMP stake. It's to hard such type of flexibility and liberty in other hosting companies’ options.

Familiarity with Other Web Servers in Pakistan

Being a client one the best advantage of choosing best web hosting is its familiarity that it offers. When you come to hosting a website, knowing how to run the software that you are using to configure is a great advantage. For example, you are using Linux web hosting service, then you don’t need any experience and knowledge to work on a command line. So that way most people are too comfortable to use it.

Portability as Compared to Other Web Hosting Servers

If you decide to move your website from a window host to a Linux host, you can change it if your server setup correctly. you can reverse to if you want or more convenient in any medium.

The server edition in windows has become incredibly too much in use from the last few years. It’s a priority of all the developers. Window-based solutions could be the best move just because of flexibility, familiarity, and compatibility with the number of web apps. Even before choosing any window try to compare to other markets, check customer reviews, 100% uptime, and its compatibility with other desired apps.

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