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Localize your website address with .PK Domains


  • 2 Years Domain Registration Price: 2650 Rs/- | 40$
  • Validity Period: 2 Years


  • 2 Years Domain Registration Price: 3500 Rs/- | 40$
  • Validity Period: 2 Years


  • 2 Years Domain Registration Price: 3500 Rs/- | 40$
  • Validity Period: 2 Year


  • 2 Years Domain Registration Price: 3500 Rs/- | 40$
  • Validity Period: 2 Year


  • 2 Years Domain Registration Price: 3500 Rs/- | 40$
  • Validity Period: 2 Year


  • 2 Years Domain Registration Price: 3500 Rs/- | 40$
  • Validity Period: 2 Year


  • 2 Years Domain Registration Price: 3500 Rs/- | 40$
  • Validity Period: 2 Year


  • 2 Years Domain Registration Price: 3500 Rs/- | 40$
  • Validity Period: 2 Year


                             PK Domain

If you want to provide your business services within a country so, you have to consider pk domain extension for your country base business. It is not always easy to find the perfect domain name and register it, especially for a Pakistani host who is newly creating a website.  It helps to run consecutive DNS service for Root Servers too PK domain. It represents the Policy-making function.PK domain to the internet Users in Pakistan.

Pakistan. pk domain name Extensions

 Every country has its own domain name extensions, which are allocated by the individual. The Pakistan domain extension is pk. The pk extension is the domain extension of the Pakistan country. An example of a pk domain is; https://pakchamp.com/pk-domains

Pak champ dedicated professionals make it easy, like a piece of cake for new site hosts by providing their promising services in Pakistan. Pakchamp offering its quality services in web hosting and domain registration since 2016 in Pakistan. We are offering additional hosting services such as; domain name privacy and protection, auto-renewal, domain lock, and optimized quality web hosting services all over Pakistan. Our unexceptional web development services help our hosting users to create a website that creates their brand spark in the digital world.

How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name?

Being a site host, you should get an idea, which hosting domain name is suitable or favorable for your website. Here is some guideline for you to choose your domain name, such as;

  • Pick a domain name that is short, easy to remember, and familiar for your web visitors
  • Your domain name should hit the kind of services you provide.
  • It must represent your business goals and brand image.
  • Choosing your brand name as your domain name
  • Add keywords in your domain name to make it easier for your visitors to improve ranking on the Google search engine
  • Choose a suitable domain TLD

How to Buy Pk Domain for Website?

To buy your Pk   domain name, you have to follow certain steps;

  • Check your required domain is available on the online domain checker search bar
  • If the domain has not been claimed yet, simply go ahead and buy it
  • If your required domain name is already taken, you can go for different TLD alternatives such as.com.pk, etc.
  • Lastly, when choosing a domain extension, do not forget that certain TLDs may be restricted to be used only by specific groups and you cannot order to register a restricted TLD.


                     Pakchamp Pk domain extensions

 To follow our hosting slogan “To Meet Everyone Need” you can get a variety of domain extensions from Pakchamp at cheap prices. We believe in reliable quality services, so we are offering the best domain names that help our users to pair up with their hosting plans. You can easily purchase .com domains at cheap prices from our online domain services.

       Pakchamp offers pk Domain Categories


Eligible applicant

Validity period

Registration price


Available to anyone, local or overseas individuals

2 years

3000 Rs

. com. pk

 For Commercial organizations registered in Pakistan 

2 years

3500 Rs

. org. pk

Non-profit organizations

2 years

3500 Rs


Network service providers

2 years

3500 Rs

edu. pk

Educational Institutes

2 years

3500 Rs

. fam. pk

Family and Individuals

2 years

3500 Rs

. web. pk


Individual websites

2 years

3500 Rs

biz. pk

General Business, Promotional

2 years

3500 Rs


Why does the .com Domain extension consider to be the best?

  • .com is easy to recall as compared to other domain extensions
  • Anyone familiar with “. com. pk” domain extensions
  • If you type in the website into the google browser instead of “website.com”, the browser automatically provides your required link
  • If your customers forget domain name but know your business name, they easily find your site


                  Benefits of Picking Country Code TLD

TLDs like the Pk domain referred to as ccTLDs or country-code TLDs. It represents that the website is owned by a business operating within a country.

  Boost Website Ranking

Yes, your selected domain name has a deep impact on the web traffic and Google search engine ranking. Your relevant domain name helps your site to rank. Similarly, having a country-code TLD, such as pk domain, helps you to bring a more targeted audience to your site because Google would be displaying your site to searchers located within the country. So, if you want to start your online business in Pakistan and want to target customers located within the country, then we recommend you buy a pk domain.

 Customer Trust

 Trust is a huge factor in consumers purchasing decisions. By choosing a ccTLD you can build revenue.  Country Code TLDs such as the pk domain can play a role in making your brand more trustworthy. If the website appears to be local, customers feel more convenient to make an online purchase without the fear of getting scammed on local websites.


  Top-level domains will be helpful for websites to boost their site ranking on Google search engines. Once you find your relevant domain name, Pakchamp will offer its quality services by offering domain management, domain name privacy and protection, auto-renewal, domain lock, domain forwarding, and expert supports to prevent your website from any unauthorized transfer. Pakchamp has substantial experience in the field of web hosting and Pk domain services to facilitate its users in cost-effective rates.


                               Buy PK Domain

PK is the appointed country code of the Top-Level Domain for Pakistan. PKNIC is the only organization countersign by the Government of Pakistan to manage the administration of pk domain names. PKNIC is a non-profit making member-based corporation established in June 1992.

Pk domain name registration for Internet users in Pakistan. Its basic purpose is to provide an equitable, technical, and administrative service in Pakistan. It helps to run consecutive DNS services for Root Servers.PK domain. To eradicate dominance positions in domain registration, it helps to run consecutive DNS service for Root Servers.PK domain by passing through IANA to local companies. It represents the Policymaking function.PK domain to the Internet Users in Pakistan.

                   Advantages of Registering your Website PK Domain

Pakistan’s economic position is quite swift and most competitive all over Asia. To encourage overseas companies to invest in Pakistan it is highly significant to register you in.PK domain because of its geographical significance.  If you want to expand your company in Pakistan, must consider buying a.PK domain website. It will be beneficial for your business to approach your customer in their footsteps.

  • Helps to introduce your brand name in the Pakistan digital markets
  • Helps to show your company’s sincere efficiency to serve Pakistani customers by using a.PK domain 
  • .PK domains marked your company's position as a local business in the Pakistani markets. 
  • Local customers will be familiar with your website as a legal Pakistani business.
  • PK domain is good for local marketing as it leaves the impression that your business is exclusively operating for Pakistani customers.
  • PK domains are the best option for local targeting audiences and for organic search engine optimization. 
  • You do not need to create content where the word “Pakistan” is constantly mentioned, Google also marked your content is specifically for Pakistani audience.
  • TLD is rarely used for domain hacking, you can take advantage of its availability for popular website names

GOV.pk Domain Requirements

GOV.PK is used conventionally for the Federal Government of Pakistan. For provincial domains, the namespace stands for;

•           GOP.PK             Govt. of Punjab

•           GOS.PK            Govt. of Sindh

•           GOB.PK            Govt. of Baluchistan

•           GKP.PK             Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

•           GOG.PK            Govt. of Gilgit Baltistan

•           GOK.PK            Govt. of Azad Jammu and Kashmir

In certain situation.GOV.PK may be used for a high-level Provincial Department, which is rare in the province. If the name of the province is prominent in the domain name like; Punjab Police.gov.pk, etc. To avoid any misunderstanding and inconvenience of government domain names, the.gov.pk domain names are kept inactive after registration.

For activation of the GOV domains, the following requirements may apply;

  • Authorize latter signed by the Head of the government organization 
  • This authorization letter must be on the original official letterhead 
  • A CNIC copy of the authority with signature on the authorization letter

EDU.pk Domain Requirements

According to the domain, name.edu.pk domain extensions refer to an educational institute, with sizeable educational activities and students’ enrollments. The name of the registered institute must reflect in the domain name. Therefore, for some reason, the.edu.pk domain names are kept inactive after registration. 

For activation of the EDU domain, the following requirements will be applied

  • Authorize latter signed by the Principal or Head of the institute 
  • This authorization letter must be on the original official letterhead 
  • Proof of active institution also attaches with a registration letter
  • A CNIC copy of the authority with signature on the authorization letter

                                          Benefits of a .com Domain

The dot com domain is on the boom of the internet. It’s no doubt that dot com is the most sought-after and popular domain extension. When you are looking to get a website, you want your domain name to display your services and business. You want your customers to be able to easily recall your website, in this context you give a keyword or multiples of keywords in your domain name in order to memories your domain name.

There are billions of websites, even we do not have exact statistics on how many websites are out there. Every website needs a name and with every new website, another name gets taken, making it too harder to find the unique domain name. When you are searching for a domain name, you must have to make sure about certain things before purchasing a domain like;

  • It is relevant to your business, organization or not
  • It is easy to recall for your target audience
  • It associates with your industry or business
  • It seems searchable 

Dotcom is one of the most popular domain extensions in the google search bar. There are more than 100 different domain extensions are available, that you can choose for your site such as; COM, NET, ORG, EDU, INFO, BIZ, CO.UK, etc.

Why is dot com consider the best domain extension?

  • Dotcom is easy to recall as compared to other domain extensions 
  • Anyone familiar with “dot com”
  • If you type in the website into the google browser instead of “website.com”, the browser automatically provides a link
  • If your customers know your business name but do not know your domain name, they still easily find your site as compared to another hosting domain name
  • Whenever you want to sell your domain name in the future, you will find dot com extension at the very top 
  • It does not mean that you do not consider other domain extensions. But when you will in search of a preferred domain name, you should always try to see dot com will be at the top

BIZ.PK Domain Registration

Biz. pk perfectly designed for business websites in Pakistan. This second-level top county code domain for Pakistan considered a reliable option if you are planning to get a prominent lead on your business competitor in the Pakistani market. We cannot deny the importance of online business and the significance of a perfect domain. You may also register this domain at the same price after its expiry.

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