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What Is Shared Hosting? & How Shared Hosting Work?


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Shared hosting is like living in your own room but you share some common space with your fellow mates. It is one of the most popular hosting plans because it most affordable way to get started your website online. Shared hosting in Pakistan allows multiple users to share space on a single server maintained by the web hosting company.

 Is shared Hosting Suitable For You?

Shared hosting is most suitable for those site hosts, who develop a new website on a limited budget like;

  • Has limited background knowledge of web hosting and technical skills
  • Limited budget
  • Hassle-free website management
  • Requires a simple website for small businesses or initial level business

    Advantages Of Shared Hosting

Here are some of the main advantages of shared hosting which helps you to build your new site.

  • Shared hosting is cost-effective because multiple users contribute to the costs of the server.
  • You can choose shared plans that are suitable according to your growing website. 
  • Server space and resources are shared on a server, but not your information. 
  • Setting up your website on a shared server is quite easy.  You can get your website running with maximum efficiency and minimum technical skills.
  • The shared server is maintained by your web host provider so you can stay focused on growing your platform rather than installing software updates. 

How Do I Get Started With Shared Hosting?

Pakchamp web hosting company strives for the last 5 years to make it easy for its customers to get their website online in a minimum web hosting package. We are compromising on the packages or prices but not in quality or stander. If you will choose Pakhamp hosting plan we will offer a standardized hosting plan with 100% promising services which enable you to upgrade your new website. Plans.

People will not opt for shared hosting plans because they are thinking that, it doesn’t have enough resources to maintain their website. In reality, shared hosting solutions have grown a lot and they offer more than you think at highly reasonable rates. Most people are worried about their privacy due to the presence of several other websites’ users on the same server. This is something that the hosting company will take care of security.

Choosing the right web hosting setup is too important to developing your new website. Starting on a shared hosting plan allows you the flexibility to scale without hiccups and any technical support at a limited cost. 

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