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Difference Between Dedicated Hosting & Virtual Machine Manager



Virtual Machine Manager makes a strong impact on managed dedicated hosting. In a dedicated hosting site, the host does not need to share web resources, tools, and bandwidth with other site users. You do not need to take tension if you do not have space to keep your own server. You can also achieve the same effect through dedicated hosting via Virtual Machine Manager software. Some of the advantages that you can enjoy in your  dedicated hosting are;

  • Your website’s uptime is improved and, it directly impacts your performance rate.
  • Sharing is not  involved in it, so, automatically security and reliability  will be  enhanced  
  • It provides an additional  level of flexibility when it comes to the user’s range
  • The webmaster will  customize the whole hosting experience according to the need
  • Its high-performance applications and UN-shared web hosting resources help to increase the productivity and creativity of your site you get a unique IP address.
  • Every dedicated hosting service provides singular IP addresses to the site’s host. This helps you enhance the outer image of your website as your domain’s IP address.
  • A good dedicated hosting company offer  up-gradation in RAM and bandwidth

Virtual Machine Manager allows you to take control of the management of virtual and physical IT infrastructure. This enhances server utilization capacity and increases the optimization of dynamic web hosting resources. Besides this, it offers multiple hosting features like; planning, installing, running, and customizing the virtual IT infrastructure.

What Is Virtual Manager?

Virtual Manager is a vitalization control panel, is based on KVM. It will run  IT infrastructure, that is installed in several locations, deploy virtual machines from templates and images, execute mass operations, etc. The control panel is used by virtual private server providers and owners of  IT infrastructure.  

Web Providers utilize Virtual Manager to create virtual machines in various configurations and to manage them on a large scale. It has a combination of Bill manager and WHMCS.  Virtual Manager is ready to go machine with the flexible interface of the control panel. It helps to build a hybrid IT infrastructure with a combination of physical servers within a company and virtual servers from a cloud service.

The control panel can create fully separated virtual machines, so you have different projects on a  single server like websites, corporate portals, databases, CRM, etc. 

Dedicated Server

The most popular option is the installation of Virtual Manager on a dedicated server are; 

  • Easy to manage
  • A master node is always monitored as it is  located in the same control panel 
  • You can track RAM and CPU load  right from the panel
  • Cost-effective, you just need to have a server to get started
  • You can  back up a virtual machine in the form of snapshots and images
  •  Resort to control panel operation when your system fails
  • You can upgrade your RAM, CPU, and DISK space as per your site requirements

Virtual Manager uses stable architecture with a limited number of virtual machines. By using confiscation, you can notice that the user machine will not consume all the resources. Its basic parameter is 1CPU, 2GB RAM, and 20 GB HHD. Being a site host, you can scale or adjust it according to your cluster growth.

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