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Difference Between Linux Hosting & Window Hosting


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There are several operating systems that you can use with your server. One of the two most common operating systems is Linux and Windows. Linux is the most popular operating system. So, if you have websites that need specific Windows applications, Linux will be highly suitable. This article will briefly discuss the essential differences between these two operating systems.

Windows Specific Applications

Windows operating system is not commonly used for average hosting users. They have specific requirements for doing so. In most cases, especially in the shared hosting environment, you will be refined using Linux. So, this is a list of applications that require you to have a Windows server.

Windows applications that require a Windows server

 • ASP Classic

 • ASP

  • .NET

 • MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server)

 • MS Access (Microsoft Access)

 • Visual Basic Development

 • C#

 • Remote Desktop (dedicated server only)

 Windows Dedicated Servers also support additional specific applications. For some applications, you need to get a license and install the software

 • Microsoft Exchange

 • Microsoft SharePoint

 Linux Specific Applications

 Linux is a free and open-source platform. Here are some specific applications that require Linux OS. Applications that require a Linux-based server

 • SSH

 • Script that requires specific Apache modules Control Panels Both servers use different control panels

 • cPanel is available on all Linux plans

 • WHM is available on Linux Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated Hosting Servers

 • Plesk is available on Windows dedicated and shared hosting Servers

Server Security

 According to most site hosts, Linux is more secure than Windows; both operating systems are equally safe. Security depends on the server setup, administrators, and how they run the server.

Choosing which operating system to use depends on the technical specification you want to use on your server resources. Windows hosting servers will be your best choice if you wish to use specific applications. If you prefer using cPanel instead of Plesk, MySQL, and PHP, then Linux is quite favorable for you. Linux and Windows have their specific benefits. Consider what will suit you and how Linux and Windows operating can help you achieve your goals.

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