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Difference Between Windows Hosting & Linux Hosting



Whether you need to create a website for your online blog or e-commerce business, being a site host, you need to choose Linux or Windows hosting to run a server. Most hosting services would have you start from a Linux server, but are running it on Windows. In this article, we will guide you on everything you need to know about Linux vs. Windows hosting.

When it comes to hosting, web hosting in Pakistan businesses, and website owners, you need to have some basic knowledge about choosing an appropriate hosting plan and a type of reliable hosting service. Linux hosting solution is an open-source system, which totally provides you free programming accessibility to website owners. It helps site owners to modify and enhance the credibility of the website effectively. Whereas Windows hosting in Pakistanworks on Windows an operating system, it is operated by Microsoft.

Windows Hosting VS Linux Hosting

Licensing & Cost

         Windows HostingWindows is sold by Microsoft profit company windows server’s license paid by hosting companies     Linux HostingLinux is completely free and an open-source system hosting companies that run Windows servers have to pay for a license other than Linux. You will only pay for the hardware and services when you get Linux hosting, not for a Windows license


Windows Hosting

Only 28% of the websites are using Windows hosting not easy to manage

Linux Hosting

Linux hosting is free, so that is why popularity Unix is the leader over 71% of all websites on the internet run on a Unix system Linux, an open-source version of Unix, is used by 42.8% of website hosts. It is based on simple and intuitive management tools you don’t host a website on WordPress, Linux CPanel is a quite intuitive software system for your website growth


         Windows Hosting

Windows hosting only uses Microsoft ASP.NET as the main programming language windows Server Datacenter and MSSQL are normally used in multinational organizations

MySQL is the most popular data management system its full support window hosting system supports PHP, Perl, and Python, which is accessible to develop backgrounds.

Linux Hosting

Linux uses custom software and supports multiple programming languages. As a regular user, you do not need to configure the hosting, Linux is most easy hosting as compared to other


Windows Hosting

  • Windows hosting is customized hosting.
  • In Windows, you can only get a licensed version of the Windows Server Datacenter

       Linux Hosting

There is a layer of easier customizability in the Linux hosting system popular website builder platforms like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are all built for the Linux hosting system

Linux VS Windows Hosting Which Should You Choose

Choose Linux or Windows hosting, this decision will be more complicated for many developers. If you’re not a developer, you should probably go for Linux hosting system. The CPanel covers most needs of those people who run e-commerce websites, blogs, etc. In Linux being a site host, you have access to customization tools that don’t require technical skills.

If you’re a developer, it will be more complicated. For developers windows hosting would be a more sensible option, mostly corporations use this for their internal servers. For those who want to work for a corporation, running a server on MSSQ window hosting would be great practice. On the other hand, if your main language is PHP, Python, or Perl, Linux hosting will be the best option for you. To upgrade your hosting and make it easy and proficient use these tips to choose the OS you need for your hosting program. 

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