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How to Transfer Your Website?



Moving to a new web hosting service provider

Everything is not ideal in this, sometimes we need to do a lot of handworks to attain our goals. If being a site host you are not satisfied with your current web host, then you need to move towards a better one. Move your site to a new web host doesn’t have too difficult and time-consuming. web hosting in pakistan It can be fairly easy if you take the right steps to transfer your hosting plan to the new one.

How to Transfer Your Website

In this article, you will get an idea, how manually transfer your website hosting to a new one by following certain steps. In order to transfer your website to the new hosting service without major problems or downtime, you should follow a few steps in the right sequence. The following instructions will help you to minimize the possibility of downtime. These steps are;

 Purchase a New Web Hosting Plan

Before transfer, you’re hosting from your old hosting service provider,unlimited hosting in pakistan choose a new hosting provider for your site at first.  You have to search out the best hosting provider, who provides suitable hosting services as per your requirements in terms of storage space, performance, server configuration, and of course, the cost.

Backup All Your Files and then Transfer Them

This is definitely the most important part to move your website to your new hosting company.   In addition, data backups will ensure that you will transfer the latest version of your website to your new web host. After backups, you can start transferring the files and import databases to your new web hosting provider. business hosting in pakistan For this purpose, you can also contact your hosting company and take guidelines from them to provide website migration services in case of your inconvenience.

 Check Your Imported Database

If something goes wrong while importing your database, in this case you need to re-upload your database while overwriting the previously uploaded database or try to use phpMyAdmin to manually repair the database. If that will not help, then, business hosting in pakistan  contact your new hosting company as they may be able to assist you to configure your MySQL database correctly.

Change Your Domain’s Name Server

Do not forget to change your domain name to your new web hosting server. Otherwise, your website will become temporarily unavailable once you close your old account. So, change your domain’s name servers to that of your new web hosting company.

Check for Broken Links and Other Issues

Have you ever experienced 404 errors while visiting a website? These kinds of issues mostly happen when you change something on your site. To avoid such types of problems, take your time to check existing pages and links on your website to ensure, each of them can be accessed or not.

Check Everything Before Finalizing the Move

Once you transfer all your data and necessary changes, take a deep look that everything is working properly on not. To ensure that everything is functioning well, preview your website using a temporary URL. shared hosting in pakistan Some web hosting service providers also offer development platforms to test and experience your site first-hand before launching it live. If your hosting provider will offer you such an opportunity, try to avail it on a trial basis.

 After 48 Hours Changes Will accrue

It will take 48 hours until DNS fully processed. During that time, your website will load from the old host to the new hosting environment. After 48 hours, your website will load consistently from the servers at your new hosting company.  It’s the last step of hosting transfer.

Close Your Old Web Hosting Account

After doing all the necessary steps you can now safely cancel your old hosting account. If you used your old hosting provider to register the domain name be sure to cancel only the hosting services within your account. VPS hosting in Pakistan  Otherwise, you may lose your domain name.


Switching hosting providers seems tricky at the beginning, but, with a little preparation, you can transfer your website to a new hosting provider without anyone even noticing that something is happening behind the scenes.

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