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Is VPS Server Hosting Your Ultimate Solution?

Is VPS  Server Hosting Your Ultimate  Solution?
Is VPS Hosting your solution?


Web Hosting Server is like a ‘better half’ for every website; it should be supported 24/7/365. In this context, VPS hosting is an excellent option for every type of business, website, or eCommerce marketplace. VPS server hosting in Pakistan is based on a siloed space system on a web server. It has its Operating System like applications, resources, and configurations—all of these work within a single powerful web server.

What Does the VPS Provide?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. A virtual server is likely operating on one physical machine within the hosting service, and as a client, you have remote access to it.

 You can install your security software and configure it on your own to operate the server system. However, you have just a specific portion of the server allotted, which other customers are also using.

What Can Be Run Using VPS Hosting Services?

 VPS is an analogous virtual machine, any software that can be run on the VPS’s operating system may. For examples;

  • E-Commerce Software
  • Blog hosting
  • Company website
  • File transfer protocol 
  • Email server
  • Data storage

Types of VPS  Hosting 

Pakchamp Web Hosting Company offers two types of VPS servers in Pakistan that’s are;

Managed VPS Hosting

Managed VPS hosting plans offer managed server resources similar to our shared hosting accounts but with multiple server resources. If you are not technically an expert and don’t have a professional IT team, then managed VPS hosting plan will be your next choice. Pakchamp, cheap managed VPS hosting, will manage all configuration changes, software upgrades, and other system administration tasks on your behalf. In short, you do not need to handle anything on your own. You have to focus on running your website; your hosting provider officially takes care of the server behind the scenes. 

Unmanaged VPS

Unmanaged VPS plans are for advanced site host who is technically expert in managing a server without any web host support. Unmanaged VPS plans include root access, so you can customize the server according to your requirements like; installing your software, control panel, security, maintenance, updates, and everything else listed above. In unmanaged VPS hosting, if you experience a hardware failure, you will not expect support from your hosting provider. An unmanaged hosting plan is cheap as compared to a managed hosting plan.

How to Evaluate the Best VPS Hosting Provider?

when you want to purchase VPS hosting services, you must evaluate different VPS hosting providers; these are the factors that you must consider in your respective web hosting company such as;

  • Site performance and high uptime speed will be your top priority when seeking a VPS plan. 
  • Evaluate your VPS hosting plans on the bases of Ram, Storage, Bandwidth, and CPUs
  • Root access will be provided to make custom changes on your virtual server at an additional advanced level.
  • Window and Linux VPS operating systems are available for VPS hosting.
  • Your web hosting provider has 24/7/365 support via phone and lives chat at your back. 
  • The cost of a VPS hosting server must be affordable. 

VPS hosting will allow more flexibility and effortless scalability to expand your business. It offers enough storage, faster performance, and great computing resources. Pakchamp cheap managed VPS server provider with high-performance hardware, free setup, unmetered bandwidth, and 24/7/365 technical support at highly reasonable prices compared to other web hosting companies in Pakistan. VPS hosting in Pakistan consider one of the most demanding and reliable hosting services for small and medium-sized enterprises. If you need a hosting service for your business, you will think of Pakchamp VPS Hosting Services to strike against your competitors.


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