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What is Managed Hosting?


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In Managed hosting, the service provider leases dedicated servers and associated hardware to a single customer and manages whole systems on behalf of its customer. Managed hosting servers provide ease to its customers; being a user’s, you don’t need to have prior knowledge to manage the server.

In managed hosting, customers can rent dedicated servers, storage, network hardware, operating systems, and system software. In managed hosting server, all leased equipment is only denoted to a single customer. In addition, managed vps provides its customer full administrative access to the leased systems to interact with the system through a web-based interface.

     Main Features of Managed Hosting

Managed hosting services are a key aspect of getting full control of your hosting server resources because of its provider’s hardware and software setup and configuration, technical support, patch management, system maintenance, monitoring and updates and much more. However, managed hosting providers may offer a menu of add-on service packages that range from basic service to advanced services. In addition, you can customize managed hosting services as per your business requirements.

The “managed” part means that the administration will provide you full support of your hosting infrastructure, which is housed in a data centre owned by the provider instead of onsite at a customer’s location. In Pakistan, some server hosting companies prefer to provide their data centre, space and hardware on lease and manage it themselves at the backend. This practice is referred to as unmanaged server hosting. However, due to business advancement and technology, most organizations prefer outsourcing infrastructure and hardware vendor management for their business than managing it themselves.

       Services Include Managed to Host

Managed hosting provides support for operating system and application infrastructure. In the last few years, many managed hosting vendors have increased their support spheres to include application management. For example, Pakchamp provides application support for SAP, Oracle, and MSSQL, among many others.

Managed hosting benefits vary due to differences versus leased or licensed hardware and software assets. However, the fundamental questions that drive the decision to move to the cloud via managed hosting are;

  • Does moving to the cloud make your business upgrade?
  • What are the investments you required?
  • How long will the migration take?
  • Does your team have the specific knowledge that it required?
  • What are the business risks possibility that you may face?
  • How will existing cost structures be affected by your budget?

These are all important questions that you must be considered before purchasing managed to host for your website. 

           Benefits of Managed Hosting

Managed server hosting is a setback for companies seeking to move into the cloud, but with specific limitations that keep the public cloud from being the right “first” solution. Managed vps hosting is also good for industries with security requirements. Let’s check out the most important benefits of managed hosting.  

Time Savings

 In dedicated hosting, customers are required to manage their networks, storage, servers and software up-gradation. Still, in managed hosting, most of your workload is taken care of by your server provider, so customers only focus on their applications and data.

Cost Savings

 Managed to host plans trade capital expenditures for operational expenditures. Compared to unmanaged hosting services, managed to host plans typically have a larger sticker price; however, the difference is often made up of low labour costs, which is the main expense of operating IT infrastructure.

Technical Support

In managed hosting account, technical support is available around the clock, managed hosting providers certified administrators and network operations engineers in a vast range of technologies. 


Quality managed to host providers operate fully manage server hosting by providing 24/7/365 network operations centre by providing reliable service and high uptime.  

Pakchamp can help your organization work through these questions. We provide, without ever-changing, our unwavering commitment to upgrade your business infrastructure Pakchamp is one of the leading web hosting and server hosting provider in Pakistan since 2015. We have our data centre and expert team to manage your hosting account at reasonable prices. 

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