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What is Top 10 Important Features to Consider Before Buying Web Hosting?



Web hosting is a service that allows individual and business organizations to host their website on the internet. However, there is multiple web hosting in pakistan in Infront of us to choose from all of them. To avail Best web hosting services, here is a quick guide on the important web hosting features that make a web host good and reliable.

Web Hosting Features

There are different types of web hosting services that cater to different types of businesses and websites. Some web hosting companies only build a website, while others only provide a hosting platform. Selection of your web hosting company, their services and hosting packages totally depend on your business model and its size

Without reliable web hosting services, you cannot be able to run a successful website. Your hosting company must have the potential to grow your business by providing reliable promising services. Website performance is affected by several factors that are important while considering a web hosting provider. Some of the most significant web hosting features are;


As a site host, you must pay attention to the storage space and bandwidth that you will be required to store databases, different files and media. Your Web hosting in  lahore will be judge by their disk space and bandwidth. Disk space and bandwidth both are the main features of website hosting services. For examples, if your website has graphics, a number of pages, and a heavy traffic load, then you need to be a good bandwidth and disk space. The web hosting company is offering unlimited bandwidth and disk space but if this feature is not managed well by the hosting provider, it can limit your traffic speed which will affect the performance of your website. If your website is in the initial stage, then you do not need to get unlimited hosting packages to increase your expenses.


As a site host, you must consider your hosting provider compatibility before selecting your hosting company. Being a site host, you keep an eye on their type of operating system and their services that they are offering in their hosting packages to support your website.


Reliability and availability must be considered when you are selecting your hosting provider. The best web hosting companies offer 99.9% grantee uptime with 24/7/365 technical hosting support to their customers.  All web hosting companies make such claims, but being a site host, you should consider their previous track record and wattage.


Web site security will be the main concern for every entrepreneur or website host. In hosting packages, you must notice security features such as; firewalls, daily backups, and user authenticity with notifications, these are all necessary hosting features to get alert you to any suspicious activity from the side of hackers.

Uptime guarantee

 One of the most important factors to be considered in your web hosting provider is their uptime, it will prove their quality services in the online market, so don’t need to compromise on your uptime. The web hosting company has offered a 99.99% guarantee uptime with quality of services to its customers.

Load time

In online business, website load time is one of the main considerable factors in hosting services. If your website takes time to load your site page then your business is dead before it will be started. Before selecting your web hosting company make sure your hosting provider has a fast load time or not.

Customer support

web hosting companies claim to provide full-time support to their customers in regard to customer support 24/7/365. As they know very well, the site host cannot compromise on website issue.

Host several domains from the single hosting account

If you will run a number of websites, it will be too difficult for you to manage a hosting account for every website. Before selecting your cheap web hosting in pakistan , make sure your hosting provider will offer your number of domains. Although there is a limit on the number of domains that you can get from your hosting company on a single account. However, make sure that your hosting provider will provide enough domains onsingle hosting accounts to meet your business deals.

Pre-installed apps feature

Web host companies provide pre-installed apps feature in their shared hosting account. These features help everyone to manage the hosting plan efficiently and quickly build their website.  In this context Zpanel, Virtualmin, and cPanel are some of the most basic apps, which enables you to control even the most complex server processes easily on a user-friendly interface.

Database support

Irrespective your business is small, medium and large, you are going to need database support at the back end for integration of new technology. So, you need to make sure what kind of database management support that you will be offered from your hosting provider, either you will be comfortable with it or not. There are multiple options of Database support, the most frequently offered to be MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and others, depending on your convenience.

These are the various features of web hosting, so before selecting your website hosting provider make sure they will provide regular backup services, good customer service, and 24x 7 instant support. You will particularly need these features while getting started with your website.

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