Refund Policy

1 Refunds

1.1 We are offer first 10 days trial period after the trial period company will not be responsible to refund service charges

2 Applies to

2.2 Shared web Hosting,Reseller web Hosting

3 Does not Applies to

3.1 VPS Servers, Dedicated Servers, Pakistan Based Servers, Software / Scripts Licenses, SSL Certificates, Does not applies to accounts removed for violation of our Acceptable Use Policy and Service Agreement.

3.2 If you’re not satisfied simply cancel within first 10 days to have your money refunded.

(Domain Charges Will Not Be Refunded, Domain Can Be Transfer)

3.3 Refund policy will not be applying on any discount Offers

3.4 There are no refunds on Abuse Case


4.1 If you want to cancel the servcie of any VPS or Dedicated Server you have to concel it before the renewal date from your Paypal account so it will not charged automatic.

4.2 Also you can email us 24 hours before to inform about the cancelation of servcie so we cancel your subscription or there is no auto charge again.

4.3 If auto charged by Paypal or you did not informed about the cancelation, then the amount is non refundable due to auto renewal setup of our servcies.

5 Late Payment policy

5.1 All service renewal bills are applied according to the dates they were activated

5.2 Minimum Contract Periods for any plans is 1 year except VPS Dedicated Server

5.3 As per the system settings the service will be suspended on the deadline day (12:00 am) from the due date

5.4 Account will be terminated after 10 days from the due date

5.5 Late Fee charges are 700 RS

5.6 If you will not pay service charges/Fees before the suspension, the late fee should be paid by you to get your service re-activated.

5.7 You will not pay Hosting business and service maintenance charges

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