What Does the importance of Website Uptime/Downtime?

Availing website services focus on reputation rather than a guarantee 

Exceptional availing website hosting services are essential for online marketing rather than a guarantee. It’s a fact, fact, consumers are willing to spend 17 percent more with those websites, they deliver reliable customer service, according to their requirements as compere to guarantees. Unfortunately, it’s true that bad news travels faster than good news, especially in the online business field Most customer service stories online are about bad customer service experiences and results. Business Hosting

The level of competition in digital marketing businesses is increasing day by day. without a high percentage of website downtime making it even harder for the online business to strike against your business competitor.

What Does the importance of Website Uptime/Downtime?

In the context of the online presence of a website, the uptime refers to the total time for which the website is accessible or viewable for its customers. On the other hand, if the visitors are unable to access the website, or it is not functioning properly, then it is referred to as the downtime. An uptime of 99% is considered to be a good average for online healthy competition.

The Uptime/Downtime percentage is countable for digital marketing and presence. In online business, if your website is not functioning, it means you are losing your potential customer. A high downtime rate means a business may lose out its worth in its online presence. If you lost your customers, there are high chances that you may be lost him or her forever. 

Website Uptime Services from A Webhost 

Whenever you are choosing your web hosting company for your online presences, it is very necessary for you to find a competent in its services, that could support to in order to remain operational for maximum time. Especially if the website is an ecommerce and an affiliate marketing, then it becomes more important for the Webhost to provide an uptime of 99%. 

Pakchamp Focus on Reputation and healthy fair relationship 

Pakchamp Web hosting company believe in fair and sincere business relationships so that it earns good repute within the short time period. We are delivering reliable quality services as per our customer’s needs. Most of the web hosting companies give you guarantees in regard to offers an uptime of 100%. But practically 100% uptime is unachievable. resller hosting vs vps hosting

choose a reliable web hosting company rather than a guarantee. It is much better to focus on their reputation as compere to their prices. In online marketing, the money-back guarantee will only mean that the webmaster is given back a monetary refund for the downtime that exceeds the guarantee limit. Due to unreliable quality services, money-back guarantee scheme fails in the context of valuable visitors lost for every hour.