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What Is A Domain Name?


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Domain names are a key part of the Internet infrastructure, which provides a human-readable address for any web server that is available on the Internet.

What Is A Domain Name?

A Domain Name is the IP address that your site visitors need to type into a browser in order to get access to your website. For example, the Domain Name for Pakchamp is

Domain Name Registration Service Provider

 Domain Name is necessary, in order to be online for your personal blog or a business webpage.  You can acquire your domain name from a domain name registration service provider. cheap vps A domain name registrar is an organization that manages to reserve internet domain names. These registrars approved, by TLD or top-level domain registries; either generic or country-code registries, and has to function according to the guidelines of these registries. If you looking for a pk domain registration then there are also many options in Pakistan.

Features Of A Domain Name Registrar

Before buying a domain name from your registrar, you have to ensure the authenticity of the registrar; whether your provider is legitimate according to the TLD registries.  These are the main features of a Domain Name registrar to keep in mind before buying your domain name. These features are;


Security of your domain name is first priority of every site host. It is the responsibility of your service provider. A key feature in this regard to provide security by the registrar is;

  • An extra layer of security is added to your account by requiring access to your phone number.
  • An email ID, password, and phone number are necessary to access your registrar account.

This way is helpful in the context, if a hacker knows your password or email, or both, they cannot hack your account because they are not in possession of your number.


From the side of security, every site host thinks about at first, “how much a domain name cost me?” The cost to register your domain names is also considerable for you as a site host, Web hosting in  Lahore especially if you have more than one domain. On the other side, to buy a domain name for your country code, you have to pay extra.

Customer Support

Customer support is very critical, until and unless you will buy .pk domain and experience it by yourself.  On the initial level, before buying a domain name you can check the service provider’s response time to its clients. Ask a random question related to the service you are about to purchase and see how quickly they answered it. Good customer support is always a plus point to beat your competitors in the hosting market.

Account Management

Sometimes, you may eagerly require to know how to use a service? It is the time when you need support, you must choose a service provider that will provide 24/7/365 support. Account Management is required to designee a centralized dashboard for managing your domain names, hosting proposes, and other managerial activities, that make it much easier for their customer.

 A domain name is the main thing that your site visitor will notice when they visit your website. So, you have to choose your website domain name relevant to the product and services that you have been offering on your website. as you know, the first impression is the last impression, so a relevant domain name and a competent service provider will help you to boost your business, web hosting in Pakistan so choose an eye-catchy, easy to memorable and relevant domain name for your business.

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