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Difference Between Host and Server 

Host and server can often get mixed up for those with limited digital exposure. So, let's find out what is a host, and server, and what is the main difference between both of them. A host is...

WordPress Hosting vs Web Hosting: Which is Best for You?

To host a WordPress website, there are multiple confusions arise in the mind of WordPress website hosts; do they need to get special WordPress hosting services to host their website or not? For this, it's important...

What is Bandwidth in Web Hosting? Understand Bandwidth 

When you plan to buy hosting services, first, you need to know how much hosting space you'll keep in your web hosting plan. You may hear the term bandwidth when purchasing your web hosting...

Web Hosting vs Cloud Hosting – Easy Guide for Beginners

We live in a digital era with several hosting options to showcase your business worldwide. To display Your products or services, you need web hosting to be accessible on the internet. In this context,...

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